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One less step for man, one giant leap for the mankind.

The motive for creating the first remote control glove for the industrial market was safety enhancement. During the process we discovered a way to maximize efficiency by saving up to 70% of daily footsteps.

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Grand entrance redefined

The flat key was invented around 1850. The IoT digital key using GPS, cell, IR, and BT in 2015 by Twisthink.

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Real time audio data flow

Real time feedback to athletes and coaches translates into continuous improvement and victories for HS, Collegiate and Olympic athletes. Twisthink designed the entire UX and digital ecosystem of wireless, waterproof, body worn sensors, local area network, algorithms, cloud server platform and user interface.

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Smart office furniture that now has a voice

We worked with Herman Miller to design a new experience, create new value and bring a new capability to life that benefits a broad range of stakeholders. Office furniture, welcome to the world of IoT.

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Revolutionary comfort and safety

Twisthink worked with Stryker to develop the most sophisticated hospital mattresses available to maximize comfort, improve clinical outcomes and redefine the hospital experience from the patients perspective.

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Digital HP

Cars used to be sold by capacity and HP. Now winners and losers are separated by digital tech, infotainment and overall UX quality. We have over 25 years of experience in surprise and delight into the automotive interior space.

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New frontiers for the real front door

Lets face it, the garage door is the new front door isn’t it? And Genie is the new digital doorman who analyzes and predicts your behavior and desires. We designed the experience, hardware, and algorithms to bring it all together.

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Smart trucks

Warehouses are vast and fast. Huge numbers of objects that need to be found and harvested fast to support our overnight shipping expectations. To solve this problem Twisthink put the smart trucks to work for the driver. Always scanning, always ready to help. Warehouse automation is now.

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Inner drone

Twisthink has been developing sophisticated, miniaturized, high resolution, waterproof digital video systems for over a decade. We're finding new ways to advance medicine through technology.

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Lighting the way with IoT-enabled controls

As the industry leading IoT wireless lighting control solution for nearly a decade, the Gen 3 PCB was nothing short of brilliant. This next generation model continues to anticipate users needs. It delivers desired user experience, energy savings and safety that the lighting industry needs.

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Save a life…and your back

Introducing PowerLoad. A sophisticated digital handshake that allows an ambulance to automatically recognize, grasp and retract a cot for a swift, secure and effortless departure.

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Smart Phone / Smart Room

First we said goodbye to the physical key, now say goodbye to the plastic key.

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“Where in the world do you find such great talent?”

- Jeff Gibson, Director of New Product Commercialization, Herman Miller

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- Katie Crow, Product Development Manager, Whirlpool

“Thanks to your team for sticking with us and pushing us on this. It was truly awesome to be part of this team!”

- Maranda Vanbruaene, Senior Marketing Manager, Stryker Medical
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