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Will Edge Devices Earn the Spotlight in 2018?

As 2018 quickly approaches, many corporate leaders are thinking about new goals and how technology can be leveraged to make improvements to new or existing products and services. Over the past couple of years more and more “things” are being connected, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is now often referred to as the “Internet of Everything.” More specifically, cloud computing is widely adopted across industries, and is still popular in many applications; but recently, there has been a shift toward edge computing for IoT applications.
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Secure the Future with Innovation Excellence

The majority of companies understand the importance of innovation, but it continues to be challenging for company leaders to effectively promote it within their organization. Innovation can be difficult because it requires thinking differently with a unique, fresh perspective and discipline. It requires knowledge and understanding of a process with tools and methods. Innovation has been seen to enhance growth, performance, and valuation; yet most companies, in our opinion, continue to be overly focused on operational excellence.
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Agility is a Culture Every Team Must Embrace

Technology is quickly changing in today’s digital age and speed, agility, and collaboration are key in developing innovative solutions. The “waterfall method,” which is a sequential and linear process going from step to step without any feedback, is no longer the best way to create new value. Rather an agile software approach leads to successful results and allows technical teams to scale fast and quickly adapt to change.
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A Prototype Process Used to Test and Define the User Experience

One approach to testing ideas and inventions early, is through prototypes. Once the problem has been defined, prototypes can be effective in communicating a vision of what the user experience or product attributes might look like to solve the problem. When using a prototype to communicate the value of an experience to the stakeholder, we have found video prototyping to be particularly effective.
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Use a Camera Model to Accelerate Camera System Design

The exciting world of embedded cameras is experiencing rapid growth. Digital-imaging technology is being integrated into a wide range of new products and systems. In particular, embedded cameras are becoming widely adopted in the automotive market, security and surveillance markets, medical market, and industrial systems market. In fact, image sensor sales growth in these markets is predicted to out pace the smartphone and digital camera markets.
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Can buying software development services really ever be a win/win value proposition?

Most people embrace the concept of "win/win", but what does this mean in the context of commissioning a team from outside your organization to develop software? Based on more than a decade of experience developing software for our clients, we would like to share our perspective on this question and lay out the principles for an engagement model that we have been refining over the years.
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There are a variety of emerging technologies poised to disrupt the status quo – artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, virtual reality, and robotics to name a few. But none have been more widely pursued, adopted and rushed to market as the Internet of Things (IoT). Download our PDF to learn more

Most people embrace the concept of "win/win", but what does this mean in the context of commissioning a team from outside your organization to develop software? To learn how you and your extended software team can work together to create new business value through creative designs and technical innovation download our PDF.

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