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Healthcare, automotive, consumer package goods, manufacturing, appliances – whatever your business, our business is innovation. Take a look at some of the work we have done for others.


CHALLENGE Until recently, “elite” athletic swim training involved a low-tech combination of counting and clocking with stopwatches, pads and pens from coaches at the side of the pool or through competition videos after a meet. While watching his high school daughter’s swim practice, Bruce Burton, president of AvidaSports, realized a need for a faster and smarter way to track, analyze and coach in real time. SOLUTION Together with Twisthink, AvidaSports developed a system to continually capture data for eight performance metrics during training sessions on a length-by-length basis. The AvidaMetrics system is a sophisticated telemetry system that continuously captures nanoseconds of an athlete’s action automatically providing actionable feedback on selected metrics to the swimmer after each length. The data is routinely refreshed on the coach’s tablet or laptop allowing real-time coaching through an earbud in the swimmers ear as well as comparisons of performance data over days, weeks or an entire season. RESULTS AvidaMetrics helps coaches do more coaching and athletes to train themselves. Fourteen U.S. Olympians have trained with AvidaMetrics and college swim teams from coast to coast have added it to their training arsenal. The first high school team to embrace the technology won its state championship, and numerous other high school programs now use it. More than 20 institutions have signed on to add AvidaMetrics to their swimming programs, opening new opportunities to the AvidaSports startup enterprise.


CHALLENGE There are two issues with which any manufacturer can identify: improving worker operational efficiency and safety. Innovation has historically driven the American industry forward. Yet, many firms struggle in their quest for the next big thing to rock their competitive world. Crown pointed to the demanding, fast-paced task of order picking and noted how workers often jump from the lift truck before it comes to a complete stop. This causes many injuries, picking delays and a steady stream of worker’s comp claims. SOLUTION Twisthink worked with Crown to develop its QuickPick Remote Advance which enables an operator to move a lift truck to its next location while he remains on the floor positioned to pick and load the next order. The lift truck is triggered from a fingerless glove with an electronic transmitter. RESULTS The QuickPick Remote Advance has been in use since 2011 across Crown’s global network of customers. The QuickPick technology reduces the number of worker on-off lift truck steps up to 70 percent, resulting in faster order picking while dramatically reducing potential for worker injuries and lost-time accidents. The project has won multiple awards including IDA 2015 Bronze, 2014Good Design Award, 2014 IFOY Award and was named “Best Product 2013” by LogiMAT.


CHALLENGE ICU patients commonly develop plenary infections and are consequently placed under the assistance of a ventilation machine to help with pulmonary condition. Stryker sought to develop a solution to help ICU nurses care and treat patients, while improving patient comfort and preventing pressure ulcers. SOLUTION Twisthink and Stryker created the Isolibrium premium critical care support mattress that assists with the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers using an air circulation and support system. The responsive air system helps to distribute a patient’s weight evenly, eliminating isolated pressure points. To do this it uses a complex algorithm utilizing hundreds of body pressure maps from a wide range of patient sizes and weights, in various positions. It also allows air flow from the bottom and repels moisture, keeping skin cool and dry. Furthermore, a graphic cover for the mattress provide a continuous reference for caregiver training and execution. RESULTS Isolibrium’s smart system achieves maximum performance for each specific patient, eliminating the guess work for caregivers. The project has been recognized by Medical Design Excellence Awards in 2014.


CHALLENGE United Technologies saw an opportunity to enhance its Supra iBox family of electronic key boxes for real estate professionals. With its current device supporting a 1G cellular connection, it lacked support for new features such as a GPS receiver, touch screen and color display. Many real estate professionals were frustrated by the current model’s reliability and the company recognized the need for change to keep their positive brand recognition. SOLUTION Twisthink worked with Supra to create the XpressKEY™, a more advanced and user friendly electronic key that features a high quality backlit touchscreen, intuitive interface, GPS, and notifications. The GPS technology is used for advanced features like end of showing notifications, automatic keybox assignments and key location assistance. Real-time data gives agents the opportunity to know when showings begin and end, the ability to contact the buyer’s agent while a showing is still fresh on their mind, and the assistance for buyers and sellers to communicate right away. RESULTS The XpressKEY makes it easy for real estate agents to access properties and track activity at client properties. Homeowners can feel more secure with the knowledge of showing traffic and realtors can monitor showing activity at vacant homes. Real-time showing notices are sent just after a key box is opened and provide listing agents timely information to help the selling process.

Smart office furniture that now has a voice

We worked with Herman Miller to explore the possibilities that IoT could bring to office furnishings. This was the start of a three-year journey in the conception, validation and development of Herman Miller's Live OS, and the organization's strategic transformation of its business model from goods manufacturer to services provider. Office furniture, welcome to the world of IoT.

One less step for man, one giant leap for the mankind.

The motive for creating the first remote control glove for the industrial market was safety enhancement. During the process we discovered a way to maximize efficiency by saving up to 70% of daily footsteps.

Real time audio data flow

Real time feedback to athletes and coaches translates into continuous improvement and victories for HS, Collegiate and Olympic athletes. Twisthink designed the entire UX and digital ecosystem of wireless, waterproof, body worn sensors, local area network, algorithms, cloud server platform and user interface.

Revolutionary comfort and safety

Twisthink worked with Stryker to develop the most sophisticated hospital mattresses available to maximize comfort, improve clinical outcomes and redefine the hospital experience from the patients perspective.

Grand entrance redefined

The flat key was invented around 1850. The IoT digital key using GPS, cell, IR, and BT in 2015 by Twisthink.

Digital HP

Cars used to be sold by capacity and HP. Now winners and losers are separated by digital tech, infotainment and overall UX quality. We have over 25 years of experience in surprise and delight into the automotive interior space.

New frontiers for the real front door

Lets face it, the garage door is the new front door isn’t it? And Genie is the new digital doorman who analyzes and predicts your behavior and desires. We designed the experience, hardware, and algorithms to bring it all together.

Smart trucks

Warehouses are vast and fast. Huge numbers of objects that need to be found and harvested fast to support our overnight shipping expectations. To solve this problem Twisthink put the smart trucks to work for the driver. Always scanning, always ready to help. Warehouse automation is now.

Inner drone

Twisthink has been developing sophisticated, miniaturized, high resolution, waterproof digital video systems for over a decade. We're finding new ways to advance medicine through technology.

Lighting the way with IoT-enabled controls

As the industry leading IoT wireless lighting control solution for nearly a decade, the Gen 3 PCB was nothing short of brilliant. This next generation model continues to anticipate users needs. It delivers desired user experience, energy savings and safety that the lighting industry needs.

Save a life…and your back

Introducing PowerLoad. A sophisticated digital handshake that allows an ambulance to automatically recognize, grasp and retract a cot for a swift, secure and effortless departure.

Smart Phone / Smart Room

First we said goodbye to the physical key, now say goodbye to the plastic key.

Precision taken to a whole new level

When Aircuity needed to revolutionize their design, installation and software, they turned to Twisthink to use our HCD process to uncover, understand and satisfy all their discerning stakeholders' needs.

Undercover surveillance

A surveillance tool was developed for military and law enforcement using the latest cellular communications technology. This product lives in the harsh environment under a vehicle and is exposed to water, salt, dirt, vibration, and mechanical shock. The product was also designed to maximize battery life.

A new generation of backcountry travelers

Introducing the first blow molded back country ski. 50% snowshoe, 50% ski, 100% fun! A venture so exciting it prompted a dinner and presentation invite to the White House for our client.


To this day we hear that individually addressable LED light fixtures in a parking structure is impossible. We respectfully disagree, largely because we’ve been doing it for nearly a decade. Providing additional energy savings of at least 50%, Limelight is one of the great wireless, IoT success stories of our time.

White water rapid

We designed Everydrop to be fast and flexible. Other smart pitchers are actually really dumb and slow by comparison. Everydrop was fast out of the gate and has revolutionized an industry because, as it turns out, watching water be (slowly) filtered is not a spectator sport.

Capture each bump in your ride

With our hardware, software, antenna design, and testing, Twisthink partnered with V.I.O. to develop the 3rd generation high definition wireless camera. V.I.O.’s advanced point-of-view HD camera system is a flexible, rugged, and easy-to-use camera system for extreme sports.

From counter top appliance to counter top art

This beautiful toaster is just the first player of a comprehensive new VBL and portfolio strategy co-developed between Twisthink and Whirlpool GCD. The fresh and relevant look and feel of all ProLine Countertop appliances has captured the collective imaginations of consumers and international design award judges alike and set the new gold standard for the KitchenAid brand.

Starting the engine on V2V communication

Magna Electronics came to Twisthink for our vision systems capabilities to advance their smart car technology activity. With our image processing, computer vision and machine learning expertise we accelerated their efforts in the growing domain of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication.

A breath of fresh air

Abriiz was designed to help people manage their health and welcome a better lifestyle. It combines a smart phone app and online web portal to track medications, monitor symptoms, set goals, schedule reminders and more.

A step outside the kitchen

When Whirlpool was looking to break away from the kitchen and develop a new market category they came to Twisthink to generate the initial visual brand language and strategy. It started in the garage and has now evolved into other areas in the home such as the basement, pantry, laundry room, and more.

You deserve a doorman

This is NOT your typical remote start platform. This is your phone as a digital vehicle key. Sophisticated sensors embedded into the vehicle that can track exactly where you are and predict what you want to happen next. We call it anticipatory controls. Beyond smart or intuitive…it's pure digital hospitality; your own personal doorman.

Floating on the (other) cloud

Neutral buoyancy is both desirable and elusive. Together with Stryker, Twisthink designed the sensor array, algorithms and user interface that brings it all together for better patient outcomes.