Why Twisthink


Strategy, design and technology may be the core services we offer to our clients. But it’s not just about what we do but also about who we are. We are curious, steadfastly determined and incredibly collaborative. We don’t stop at just identifying a great solution, we continue by iterating, questioning, reimagining and reinventing in order to continue strengthening the idea.


EXPANDING HOW YOU THINK Creativity is not simply summoned. It requires process, discipline and diverse perspectives informed by meaningful insights. It’s among the top reasons clients choose Twisthink. We’re purpose-built to help you solve what others thought impossible: to bring new skillsets and fresh viewpoints that propel your business miles forward. Together we’ll innovate, not iterate.


TECHNICAL EXPERTISE THAT SETS YOU APART Our deep experience across industries and disciplines becomes your competitive advantage. From connected devices and automotive technology to medical equipment, consumer electronics and beyond, Twisthink adds capability, resources and technical expertise that would otherwise seem out of reach. Elevate your strategy. Accelerate your timelines. Deepen your bench. Our experience boosts your ability to be agile and outpace the speed of change.


A HUMAN-CENTERED APPROACH TO INNOVATION Our creative technologists solve your business challenges through a unified approach to design, engineering and business strategy. One cross-thinking team, working in unison, to continuously evaluate the desirability, technical feasibility and commercial viability of an idea along every stage of development. At the center of it all is an intent focus on the end-user. This human-centered approach allows us to design from the perspective of the audience, ensuring truly innovative solutions that change the way people live, work and heal.


RACING PAST THE SPEED OF INNOVATION It’s only innovation if you’re the first to get there. Our integrated, cross-functional approach allows us to create with agility, precision, and rapid momentum to help you soar past the competition. We listen, research, strategize, design, engineer, test, analyze and adjust through our proven process to drive efficiencies with your time and capital. We keep you ahead of the latest technological advancements so you can move your industry forward first.


YOUR SUCCESS IS AT THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING Responsive, reliable, professional, collaborative, friendly; we’re all these things, but we aim to go 20 steps further, by bringing fresh eyes to your team and converting ideas into business value. It’s more than client service, it’s integrity, pride, and a passion that exists when our mission is your success.


With the right vision, process, tools and team nearly anything can be accomplished through strategic design and technology. We ask the key questions to develop a human-centered approach that delivers game-changing solutions for your business.


After understanding the problem and developing a clear strategy we craft beautiful user experiences that naturally resonate with your customers and move your portfolio, brand and company forward.


Keeping up with the speed of technological change can be challenging. Our engineering team excels at creating optimized solutions by leveraging our deep expertise in the latest technologies of IoT, wireless connectivity, embedded systems and vision systems. Our Team knows how to convert great theory into great results for your business.