Empathy is the key to
Successful industrial design

Twisthink Podcasts on Creativity, Innovation and Design:

What is Human-Centered Design?

by Twisthink | The Creative Life Podcast

Twisthink’s Gordon Stannis talks with James Taylor about Human-Centered Design (HCD). Listen in to learn about some real-world examples of HCD, the value of fresh perspectives, and some tools that can help you apply an HCD process

Empathy is the key to successful industrial design

by Twisthink | Industrial IoT Podcast

In this episode of the IIoT Spotlight Podcast, Gordon Stannis discusses human-centric design and change management in high uncertainty innovation processes.

Growing Innovation Excellence in Corporations

by Twisthink | Inside Outside Podcast

Leaders need to have a balanced stance to invest in core, adjacent, and breakthroughs innovation for the long-term sustainability of their corporations. Currently, corporations put 95% of their focus on operational excellence and 5% on innovation excellence. 

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