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Engaging, interactive workshops yield breakthroughs

There’s value created when you twist together left-brain and right-brain thinking — it’s been our blueprint for over 20 years. 

We work with clients to shift perspectives and create radical new digital strategies and solutions that connect human needs with emerging technologies while being focused on society’s mega-trends affecting tomorrow. 

Bringing together our intentionally assembled team of strategists, designers, engineers, and developers can help your organization position itself for a bold future that’s ahead of the curve.

From strategy to engineering, our team is tailored for impact

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Fortune 500 clients

Recognized for excellence.

Purpose + Vision

To create impact that transforms businesses and people.

Every organization we serve embraces innovation excellence.

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What we

+ how it inspires us.


Teamwork makes the team work. And we mean it.

We believe the team is core to everything we do. Every voice matters. True value is created when you twist together the creative and technical minds of our team. Together, these provide the insights that fuel breakthroughs.


Success is measured by impact.

Impact takes the form of life-changing products for people and game-changing transformations for organizations. Success is reached once we’ve created an impact.


Innovation isn’t by chance.

Innovation isn’t created by luck or by chance. It’s intentional. It’s a continuous human-centered process enabled by a mindset that allows you to think in the future and learn from the past.


Strategy first, conversion second.

Just because you can build something, doesn’t always mean you should. That’s why we start by making sure the strategy is right, and THEN use the power of design and technology to enable impactful outcomes.

What we

+ how it guides our work.


[boldness to be brave]

Courage exists in all of us. It enables us to be brave by challenging the status quo, exploring new ideas, and doing what’s never been done before. Courage is the key to unlocking creativity.


[to be right, we must all feel safe to be wrong]

​​The best solutions come from a team that values different ideas and perspectives. One that embraces the discomfort of diversity in thought, gender, and race. When you feel safe to be wrong, it creates an openness for sharing new thoughts and perspectives. Inclusion builds stronger teams.


[pride over praise]

Nothing is worth doing if it’s not done with excellence. Regardless of what we’re doing, we will never sacrifice excellence for ease, time, or comfort. We value pride in our work over praise for our work.

Growth Mindset

[masterpieces in progress]

Our choice to perceive challenges as opportunities is a mindset that shapes each of us. Hungry to lift the team, we embrace lifelong learning and encourage curiosity. Strive for growth, not comfort.

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Leading with innovation excellence

UX strategy in session
Each one of our team members makes a difference

Our people make the difference.

We have brought together a world-class team of visionaries, thinkers, and idealizers. As an employee-owned company, everyone shares a sense of pride and purpose in their work.

your career.

Named among the best and brightest companies to work for, Twisthink is a haven for unusual thinking, championing the long shot, and fostering a radically supportive environment where we share wins and challenges – all with a focus on personal support and growth toward your goals, in work and in life.

To us, creating impact includes transforming lives throughout our communities. That’s why we created a “Giveback Team” of Twisthink volunteers who lead the effort in giving back locally and globally. From providing clean drinking water to building life-changing housing opportunities, Twisthink has integrated this commitment into our overall business.

Take a look at some of our efforts.

Each year we spend a few days to help build houses in our community — because everyone deserves a safe, healthy place to be.

Inspired by our roots near Lake Michigan, we have partnered with organizations whose purpose is to help provide clean drinking water to those in need.

Supporting First Robotics, Michigan Design Challenge, Good Sam’s Wild Run and other educational causes allow us to contribute our skills and tools to give back to learners of all ages.


Digital transformation,
with a twist.

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