Get Ahead with a Digital Solution that Offers Speed & Certainty

Meet Auris: pre-built IoT assets that enable you to jumpstart your next customized digital solution.

Auris consists of proven hardware, software, and cloud assets. These assets were developed and tested for scale. This IOT accelerator will help you get connected to the cloud, gathering insights, and creating value smarter and faster… all while keeping you in total control. It’s the new way to do IoT.

Until now business had two choices in building IOT solutions:

1. Choose off-the-shelf hardware and pre-built cloud platform providers (PAAS) with limited flexibility and requiring vendor lock-in or;
2. Invest in building a customized solution from scratch, which requires a higher investment, long development times, and technical risk.

These options don’t work for today’s rapidly changing digital environment. So we built Twisthink Auris to help businesses connect and customize on their terms.

Specifically, Auris empowers businesses to do four things:


Eliminate the pitfalls experienced when building IoT projects from scratch. Embedded hardware, software, AI processing capabilities (Edge), cloud integration, and security are built in.


Expand on the Auris foundation to create solutions unique to your business and customer needs.


Shorten development times and stop reinventing the wheel with each new deployment by accelerating 40 percent faster.


Having complete ownership and control of your cloud and devices will minimize your deployment and operational expenses.

Seeing is believing. And proof is in the deployment.

Schedule time to talk with Paul Duckworth, Twisthink’s director of AI and Embedded Vision, about how Auris can accelerate your digital strategy and to see a demo of how Auris is working for others.