Can buying software services really be a win/win value proposition?

Aug 3, 2017

Most people embrace the concept of “win/win”, but what does this mean in the context of commissioning a team from outside your organization to develop software? As a buyer of software services, you want clarity on what you are buying, how much it will cost, and how much time it will takeā€¦ and you want the code to be perfect in every way. As a developer of software, your development team needs a clear finish line, and a reasonable level of technical risk to manage. Is it possible to forge a business relationship that satisfies both client and service providers?

Based on more than a decade of experience developing software for our clients, we would like to share our perspective on this question and lay out the principles for an engagement model that we have been refining over the years. These principles act as guardrails on a highway, protecting all travelers from the abyss that lies o the road to either side. We explore answers to these questions by traveling through the following concepts:

The Goal: Partners engage in order to create business value and monetize it.

The Elephants: Both partners want to design business engagements that minimize costs and maximize value. However, business interests are in conflict in ways that make us perceive projects differently.

The Method: Twisthink and its clients collaboratively follow an iterative product development lifecycle (PDLC) and converge toward the goal.

To learn more about how you and your extended team can work together to create new business value through creative designs and technical innovation, download our PDF. To discuss how we can support your organization through software development – send us a note at:

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