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An innovation company who puts humans first.

Your customer is your top priority, and so they are our top priority too. Because in a world where 95% of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, you need an innovation partner who can read emotional decision making. That means you’re looking for engineers equipped to push the envelope of technical feasibility and designers who thrive on creating desirable experiences never before imagined.


With microprocessors, camera-based analytics and the cloud, any company can get a product they think they need. We help clients decide what they should build with a strategic approach informed by human-centered design. That’s how our clients guarantee the best market response for their companies.

User Research

Product Research


We approach design differently: thinking about the service, experience and product every interface provides. Before we ever think about making something look good, we guarantee that it works in the ways our clients need. By balancing desirability with usability, we create products that win.

UX Design

UI Design

Product Design


The digital edge is the most intriguing place for product innovation to occur. So naturally, that’s where you’ll find us. We help clients leverage human centered design to make technology better and to make it matter. That’s how our clients push to the outer edges of technical feasibility.



Edge Devices


The Twisthink Process

Our process isn’t too fancy, but it’s thorough and it’s proven. When you engage with us, we will work together in two phases: human-centered design and product development. Human-centered design answers the question “what should you make?” and product development answers the question “how do we make a lot of them?” 



When it comes to your product, what do people say, believe and do? How are they making due with current products, and what do they need to thrive? We help you find out.



What is your consumer’s reality? Based on our research, we design multiple journey maps until we fully understand your customer’s motivations and needs.



What product experience will inspire beauty and joy for your customer? We take everything we have learned to imagine that product.



What’s the smartest, most cost-efficient and desirable solution to generate meaning for your customer? We offer you an original product that checks all three boxes.

Innovation means disrupting norms.

Tell us what norms are waiting for you to shatter them.