Innovations are only as good as their strategy.

Human Centered Design is the engine behind our work. From your first step into our studio, we are going to calibrate our process to meet your needs. We want you to tour our space, see our thinking, pick up our projects and touch the products we’re helping our clients launch all over the world. A relationship with Twisthink starts with us understanding you, your boss AND your customer. We want to hear about your organization’s KPIs and your leadership’s definition of success. We want to understand not only what your consumers talk about but also their behavior and pain points. That’s how we can help you design a product people don’t even know they need in a way that is still viable for your organization.

User Research

Think interviews, focus groups and ethnographic research. We’re going to dive deeper into your business’ and customers’ psyches than anyone else has ever gone. By the end of this process, you’ll have a map of your core business processes and values as well as your customers’ beliefs, behaviors, pain points, coping mechanisms and general reality. You’ll know who your customers are, what they want and how to meet their needs like nobody else.

Product Research

We don’t think it’s enough to know your product; we want to know everyone else’s. At this stage of the game, we benchmark the experience of your product with your competition’s products as well as the complementary products your consumer is purchasing. For example, if your customer is looking to buy a sound bar, products like their phone, TV, laptop and headphones all shape their values and will factor into their decision making process. We research all of those angles prior to design.

Innovation is a mountain you tackle one step at a time.

Let us guide you to the top.