Experience to make it right. Technology to make it happen.

Twisthink engineers exist to examine and challenge the boundaries of technical feasibility. That means our clients walk away with the perfect blend of science, simplicity and sophistication at a price tailored for manufacturing. We know we’ve done the job right when a product is so intuitive, you don’t have to think to use it.


When it comes to connectivity, we strongly adhere to first principles: the science behind antennas and radio performance that ensure accurate measuring, validation and certification of all transmissions a product emits. With every client, we walk into the room ready to apply our skills to a wide array of connectivity solutions. So when we look at your needs, we are going to make the recommendation that best fits your market, product and application. Rest assured, whether it’s with wifi or bluetooth, we have the hookups.


Technically, our work in analytics fits under the IOT umbrella; however, analytics includes much more than IOT. From outfitting cars with drowsy driver protection to transforming a robot into the world’s most precise spinal surgeon, we place our clients at the forefront of sensor automation, data streaming and algorithmic responses. It starts with our unique process for Sensor Approach Evaluation, which we could tell you about, but we’d rather just show you.

Edge Devices

A lot of innovation and tech companies talk about IOT and the cloud. Around here, you will hear a lot more conversations about the edge. Simply put, the edge is the permeable digital membrane between the cloud and the devices you use in the real world. At Twisthink, our products transform industries all along that digital edge. From employing cameras to low-powered battery operated sensors, we’re designing products that make consumers happy by collecting both simple and complex data streams in order to generate algorithms and meet those consumers’ needs.

Software Development

It’s only when software and hardware have been holistically concepted that seamless integration can truly occur. That’s the way consumer problems get solved. We believe software success is contingent on excellence across a number of key variables: documentation, organization, testing, schematic readability as well as EMC and EMI evaluation. And when it comes to our performance across those metrics, we’ll be honest–our developers don’t rest till they clear the bar where everyone else has settled. If industry best practices rank at a 9, we’re going to push for a 10.

Innovation doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by design.

Experience the industry-shifting products we have developed first-hand.