Tech Scouting Virtual Panel

Wednesday, March 1 at 12-12:45pm ET

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What is tech scouting?

Tech scouting is the process of analyzing emerging technologies within startup communities and matching their capabilities with large corporation needs. It can help enhance, compliment, and accelerate innovation and product development efforts. Tech scouts have a good sense of the technologies that are being developed and can see how these new technologies can be integrated into businesses to create win-win solutions.

Attend our virtual panel to learn more.

Join us for a 45-minute virtual session to learn about the purpose of tech scouting, how it can benefit your business, and the current tech trends emerging within the mobility industry. Our panelists will highlight the common pitfalls to avoid and the crucial elements needed to successfully implement tech scouting and generate value for your business.

They will also share their global perspective on the transformation of transportation, from advancements of autonomous vehicles to the reality of flying cars, and the impact this is making on businesses’ supply chains and investment decisions. Twisthink’s CTO will offer his technical expertise and weigh in on how he sees these technologies impacting business strategies.

You will learn about:
  • The purpose + benefits + common pitfalls of tech scouting
  • How to incorporate & ensure your tech scouting initiatives are successful
  • Global tech trends emerging within mobility and how that’s impacting supply chain & investments
  • Insights into the future of Mobility-as-a-Service



Taryn Kutches

VP of Brand + Business Development

Taryn is a Twisthink leader who is passionate about creating outstanding experiences for our clients and developing a world class brand. Taryn will serve as the moderator for the Tech Scouting Virtual Panel.

Allen Shi

Twisthink Tech Scout

As a Silicon Valley-based tech scout, Allen has the pulse on how the tech capital of the world operates, from its innovation, collaboration, and risk-taking work to its venture capital investments.

Uri Pachter

Twisthink Tech Scout

With more than 6,000 active startups in Tel Aviv – the most per capita in the world – Uri’s tech scouting expertise provides a necessary and valuable global lens to Twisthink clients.

Kurt Dykema

Chief Technology Officer

Kurt is responsible for the strategic technical direction of the company, which includes keeping a pulse on IoT trends and making sure we have the right skills and processes to bring maximum value to our clients.

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