Most companies understand the importance of innovation, but it continues to be challenging for company leaders to effectively promote it within their organizations. Innovation can be difficult because it requires thinking differently with a unique, fresh perspective and discipline. It requires knowledge and understanding of a process with tools and methods. We have all seen how innovation can accelerate growth, improve performance, and increase valuation; yet many companies continue to be overly focused on operational excellence rather than innovation excellence. Here are the top 5 concerns leaders face with innovation. 

  1. Allocating enough resources to accelerate innovation 
  2. Keeping up with the speed of technological change 
  3. Aligning product innovation to measure business results 
  4. Developing an internal process that encourages innovation 
  5. Building a culture of innovation to stay competitive

Download the Twisthink Innovation Guide to learn how to take steps in your organization to overcome these challenges and be the innovative company you strive to be. 


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