Podcast on Growing Innovation Excellence

Leaders need to have a balanced approach to invest in core, adjacent, and breakthrough innovations for the long-term sustainability of their corporations. Currently, corporations put 95% of their focus on operational excellence and 5% on innovation excellence. 

On this interview with Brian Ardinger from the Inside Outside Innovation podcast, Twisthink’s Gordon Stannis discusses how you can help unlock innovation for your company. 

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Let’s Chat About Innovation:

Here are the resources mentioned on the podcast:

3 Types of Innovation

Innovation doesn’t happen overnight—but these three innovation strategies can help companies make small steps towards business growth. It does not aways require a breakthrough innovation. .

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Crown Equipment Project

The QuickPick glove is the first remote control glove for the industrial market. It enhances safety and maximizes efficiency by saving up to 70% of daily footsteps.

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3 Talent Attraction Tips

With today’s tight job market, companies are looking for new and creative ways to attract and retain top talent. Here are 3 ways to help you attract and retain top talent. .\

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Visual Research Tool (VRT)

User experience has as much to do with a product’s desirability as it does its usability. How do you balance the two to create the best possible product?