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When it comes to the cloud, most innovative companies lack the technical prowess to design comprehensive IoT solutions. But as an IoT consulting company, Twisthink knows the value of IoT lives in adopting a systems approach, with a single team working from the heart of the cloud to the fringe of edge devices, bringing efficiency and cohesion at every technological level. 

Twisthink’s first IoT product solutions were implemented in 2006, before IoT even had a name. Our engineers exist to examine and challenge the boundaries of technical feasibility. We’re constantly assessing product designs for technical risk and feeding client recommendations through the grid of business viability. That means our clients walk away with the perfect blend of science, simplicity and sophistication at a price tailored for manufacturing. 

Experience the industry-shifting products we have developed first-hand, and then let’s get thinking about your next digital transformation. Give us a shout and we’ll start the conversation. 


    Crown: QuickPick Remote

Twisthink worked with Crown to create a connected glove that wirelessly drives a forklift truck in a warehouse, resulting in increased efficiency, user experience and productivity.  

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    The digital edge is the most intriguing place for product innovation to occur. So naturally, that’s where you’ll find us. We help clients leverage human centered design to make technology better and to make it matter. That’s how our clients push to the outer edges of technical feasibility.



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    With microprocessors, camera-based analytics and the cloud, any company can get a product they think they need. We help clients decide what they should build with a strategic approach informed by human-centered design. That’s how our clients guarantee the best market response for their companies.

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    We approach design differently: thinking about the service, experience and product every interface provides. Before we ever think about making something look good, we guarantee that it works in the ways our clients need. By balancing desirability with usability, we create products that win.

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    Growing businesses by improving the human experience.

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