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Until recently, “elite” athletic swim training involved a low-tech combination of counting and clocking with stopwatches, pads and pens from coaches at the side of the pool or through competition videos after a meet. While watching his high school daughter’s swim practice, Bruce Burton, president of AvidaSports, realized a need for a faster and smarter way to track, analyze and coach in real time.


Together with Twisthink, AvidaSports developed a system to continually capture data for eight performance metrics during training sessions on a length-by-length basis. The AvidaMetrics system is a sophisticated telemetry system that continuously captures nanoseconds of an athlete’s action automatically providing actionable feedback on selected metrics to the swimmer after each length. The data is routinely refreshed on the coach’s tablet or laptop allowing real-time coaching through an earbud in the swimmers ear as well as comparisons of performance data over days, weeks or an entire season.


AvidaMetrics helps coaches do more coaching and athletes to train themselves. Fourteen U.S. Olympians have trained with AvidaMetrics and college swim teams from coast to coast have added it to their training arsenal. The first high school team to embrace the technology won its state championship, and numerous other high school programs now use it. More than 20 institutions have signed on to add AvidaMetrics to their swimming programs, opening new opportunities to the AvidaSports startup enterprise.

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