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Twisthink clients come from various industries and markets, but what ties them all together is a common belief that technology can make the products, services and experiences they provide better. We like to describe our role as a “mountain guide”— helping with technology innovation + product design consulting.

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Using IoT and the cloud, we helped charity : water safeguard clean water for 100 million people.

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“What if she had the ability to see how she was performing in the water during and after practice?”

– Bruce B.

AvidaSports CEO + competitive swimming’s tech ambassador


Digital transformation,
with a twist.

Create unprecedented impact with Twisthink.
Join us at Twisthink on Thursday, June 20 from 3-5pm for an exciting cross-industry event! As we reflect on a year of tech innovation, 7 GR company leaders will share key insights, offering valuable perspectives on the progress of technology.