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Stryker Medical


 There are two issues with which any manufacturer can identify: improving worker operational efficiency and safety. Innovation has historically driven the American industry forward.  Yet, many firms struggle in their quest for the next big thing to rock their competitive world. Crown pointed to the demanding, fast-paced task of order picking and noted how workers often jump from the lift truck before it actually comes to a complete stop.  This causes many injuries, picking delays and a steady stream of worker’s comp claims.


Twisthink and Stryker created the Isolibrium premium critical care support mattress that assists with the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers using an air circulation and support system. The responsive air system helps to distribute a patient’s weight evenly, eliminating isolated pressure points. To do this it uses a complex algorithm utilizing hundreds of body pressure maps from a wide range of patient sizes and weights, in various positions. It also allows air flow from the bottom and repels moisture, keeping skin cool and dry. Furthermore, a graphic cover for the mattress provide a continuous reference for caregiver training and execution.


Isolibrium’s smart system achieves maximum performance for each specific patient, eliminating the guess work for caregivers. The project has been recognized by Medical Design Excellence Awards in 2014. 

“The theory we started out with is becoming a reality because you were able to execute the vision of people with your technical brillance and focus.” 

Mani Seshadrinathan

Product Manager, Stryker Medical

43 East 8th Street, #250

Holland, MI 49423


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