The Cohort

The purpose of the cohort is to learn and explore what trends are shaping industries outside of your own to re-charge your idea engine. Getting insight to what is happening outside of your corner of the world can spark and unlock new ways of thinking for you or your team.

Over the 4 month cohort, members will engage in monthly 90-minute virtual meetings. We’ll start by reviewing industry reports of the 3 sectors (industrial, healthcare, and mobility), mostly independently for the first three months, and then we’ll pivot our thinking to exploring where the trajectories of these industries may overlap in Month 4.

Thought leadership pieces and small engagements will take place offline to keep your mind fresh in between the meetings.

What you’ll do:

Get insight from other industries and what’s driving their evolution
Learn + expand your thinking
Meet + network with cohort members

Focus within industries


Digital self-care, diagnostics, at-home care, and smart machinery will be our primary sub-market focus within the healthcare industry.


Within the industrial industry, we will focus on heavy machinery, agriculture, and the markets of energy, air, and water.


Within mobility, we will explore more than just the automotive market. We will focus on both the movement of people and the movement of things.

What’s in the reports?

Industry reports will be reviewed in the first three months of the cohort. 

Each report will follow this format:
– Why this industry matters
– Future of industry (the next 3-5 years)
– Micro-trends within this industry
– Intersection Influences
– Interactive Conversation | Breakouts

Each member of the cohort will receive a copy of each report, but if now isn’t the right time to engage in the cohort, reports are available for independent purchase.

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“Competitive advantages shift dynamically as business models adapt to new market realities, and the core capabilities that made an organization distinctive may suddenly be less differentiating.”

– McKinsey & Company


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