The Community

Upon conclusion of the cohort sessions, you will gain access to join the Shared Spaces alumni community where you can continue to cross-collaborate. Your cohort fee will cover your spot in the community for the remainder of the year from your cohort start date. (Ex. If your cohort starts in May and ends in September, your community membership fee will be covered until the following May).

What you’ll experience:

Networking across diverse perspectives
Regular co-development opportunities
Spotlights and introductions to innovative startups

Continue to cross-collaborate

Idea Platform

[Continue collective innovation]

+ Monthly Thought Sparks and Mindsets
+ Continued networking and shared problem solving
+ Updated annual industry reports

Actionable Innovation

[Turn ideas into action]

+ Regular opportunities to request co-development
+ Pathway to execute on an idea via Proof of Concepts

Tech Scouting

[Create partnerships]

+ Quarterly introductions to new technologies
+ Connections to startups
+ Access to Tech Scouting


“Connecting with people in other industries can lead to greater innovation, improved employee satisfaction, and an overall boost to your company’s prospects.”

– Inc. Magazine


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