Beyond the
typical conference.

Are you someone who loves the thrill of attending a conference, stepping outside of your day-to-day routine, and engaging in interesting presentations and great networking connections? If so, we have something even better for you: Shared Spaces.

Stay engaged.
Stay inspired.

Shared Spaces offers the best parts of conference, workshop, and membership. As part of a cohort, you’ll attend four monthly 90-minute virtual sessions that provide insights, and discussion on trends and innovations that are shaping the industrial healthcare, and mobility, industries — and how each of these could impact the other.

Think beyond
your industry

There is a convergence in industry segmentation. Accelerated by the pandemic and digital transformation, our work and lives are becoming more integrated. It’s more important than ever to understand trends outside of your own industry.

Shared Spaces aims to connect these seemingly separate industries so you and your team can stay ahead of our connected future. By exposing yourself to other industries you’ll also get the benefit of fresh ideas and inspiration. So, don’t limit yourself to your corner of the world – open your mind and explore what’s out there!

Open mindset

Here’s the full breakdown.

Shared Spaces provides a collaborative, affordable, and actionable experience at $5,500 per person.

(Similar to attending a conference)

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Shared Spaces provides a collaborative, affordable, and actionable experience at $5,500 per person.

Industry insights unleashed. 

The industry reports are very comprehensive ranging from 60-70 pages long. They will be used during the cohort meetings to fuel the conversation on how trends are impacting each industry and the ways they will evolve in the next 3-5 years. Each cohort member will receive a copy of the industry report after each session.

Each report will follow this format:
– Why this industry matters
– Future of industry (the next 3-5 years)
– Micro-trends within this industry
– Intersection Influences
– Interactive Conversation | Breakouts


Secure your spot
before it’s too late.

There’s only 30 spots available in the May cohort, spots will fill up fast, so apply now to reserve your spot in Shared Spaces.

A summary of
the program.

What you’ll get for your investment


Attend monthly virtual meetings

These 90-minute meetings will be facilitated by Twisthink who will present the trend reports and provide opportunities for discussion.


Receive a copy of each trend report

Upon conclusion of each meeting, cohort members will receive a copy of the industrial, healthcare, and mobility trend reports.


Engage in offline touch points

In between meetings, members will receive prompts in the form of ThoughtSparks and Mindsets to keep minds fresh and mining for insights.


Gain access to the community

After cohort completion, members will gain access to the Community, which will serve as a platform to collaborate and solve cross-industry problems.


We understand this is a 4-month commitment to a new program and you may have hesitations. But we don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity. Check out our FAQ’s for more information. Don’t see the information you need? Submit a question of your own.

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