Shared Spaces is an exclusively assembled team of leaders from the industrial, healthcare, and mobility sectors that come together with the aim of learning, collaborating, and fostering innovation that drives value for their business.

Unlock new thinking

Exploring other industries and where they’re going can unlock a whole new way of thinking. Many companies fall short in tapping into their team’s creativity and imagination. Shared Spaces aims to break through these obstacles. By exposing yourself to new ways of thinking and different challenges, you can unlock fresh perspectives and spur original ideas.


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There is a convergence in industry segmentation. Accelerated by the pandemic and digital transformation, our work and lives are becoming more integrated.

It’s more important than ever to understand trends outside of your own industry.

Shared Spaces intentionally connects these seemingly separate trends and ideas to create new experiences and solutions that can impact the world.

How it

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Get inspired and re-charge your ideas by exploring what trends are driving the evolution of industrial, healthcare, and mobility with a cross-functional cohort that meets monthly. The cost to join a cohort is $5,500 for 1 member and $10,000 for 2 members.



Grow your network, expand your thinking, and build relationships with leaders in different industries. The cost to be a part of the community is free for the first year with the cohort membership and $3,500 per year after.

As a member
you will…

+ what to expect from Shared Spaces


Attend monthly virtual meetings

These 90-minute meetings will be facilitated by Twisthink who will present the trend reports and provide opportunities for discussion.


Receive a copy of each trend report

Upon conclusion of each meeting, cohort members will receive a copy of the industrial, healthcare, and mobility trend reports.


Engage in offline touch points

In between meetings, members will receive prompts in the form of ThoughtSparks and Mindsets to keep minds fresh and mining for insights.


Gain access to the Community

After cohort completion, members will gain access to the Community, which will serve as a platform to collaborate and solve cross-industry problems.

Cohort Candidates

We’re striving for leader-to-leader engagement and collaboration throughout the cohort. Engaging with leaders who are in like positions, but in different industries, creates an environment where ideas can be built on from one person to another.

Criteria we are looking for:

Manager/Lead/Director or above
Industrial/Mobility/Healthcare organizations
Established corporations
Curiosity with a desire to learn
Growth mindset

Program Schedule

Cross-Industry Collaboration


Digital self-care, diagnostics, at-home care, and smart machinery will be our primary sub-market focus within the healthcare industry.


Within the industrial industry, we will focus on heavy machinery, agriculture, and the markets of energy, air, and water.


Within mobility, we will explore more than just the automotive market. We will focus on both the movement of people and the movement of things.

Why Join?

Investment vs. Value

Investing in Shared Spaces requires relatively low amounts of both time and monetary value, but the potential rewards are limitless. There is no limit to what ideas and inspiration this may spark for you or your team.

Idea Generation → Action

Shared Spaces is more than just exploring other industries. It provides a clear path to inspiration, idea generation, and action.

Grow your Network

Building relationships with leaders in different sectors can be a valuable experience that not only broadens your network but also helps you grow as a person.

Imagine what we
could create together.

Prepare your organization for tomorrow by understanding trends that are having an impact today.


“Digitization is causing a radical reordering of traditional industry boundaries.”

– McKinsey


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