Innovation is a process, not an event.

Most businesses, when attempting to discover what’s next, treat it like an event. But events celebrate the here and now. They come and go. And they don’t build lasting value. To innovate, accelerate, and grow, businesses need a disciplined process.

While leaders are quick to recognize they need to grow, they also see the challenges if their strategic approach to long-term growth doesn’t change:


Of CEOs agree that digital transformation is a strategic priority for their organization

CEOs are highly confident they have the right workforce and skills needed for the future.


Of U.S. companies are doing any kind of serious innovation.

A new approach to business growth.

We saw an opportunity to help companies think about growth by presenting it as strategic and practical discipline that involves creating a dedicated place to do the work; having the right people in the room; and applying a proven process that gets results. We call this approach “The Greenhaus Method.”

Why Greenhaus? The name “Greenhaus” intentionally blends two important ideas. The connection to an actual “greenhouse” is obvious because it references an environment specifically created to stimulate growth. What isn’t so obvious is the – haus portion of the name. It is a nod to the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s and 30s that gave birth to modernism and the field of industrial design, a time when design and technology were uniting and inspiring new thinking about form and function. That’s what the Greenhuas Method seeks to do for companies today. 

The future grows in a greenhouse.

This analogy is easy to understand and spot-on accurate:

A greenhouse is nothing more than a nurturing environment. It contains all the right conditions in order for seeds to sprout and young shoots to grow. In essence, the greenhouse is an off campus starter environment where the plants within it are expected to leave the greenhouse for its intended purpose – and continue growing.

Innovative ideas need the same kind of nurturing environment outside the traditional corporate campus.

We create “greenhouse environments” so companies can gain new insights and imagine new opportunities.

We bring experts on our team alongside those inside the company and lead them through the process of HCD and digital transformation.

We help identify and equip a dedicated space for this important work. It is separate from the everyday work environment and free of distraction so ideas can flourish.

Working together, and through the process, we grow ideas with the expectation of exiting with transformational products or services that accelerate and grow the company.

All companies can grow, and any organization can flourish, once they learn how feed and nurture the creative ideas that lead to innovation and transformation.

A method that yields results

The Greenhaus Method is about making a strategic investment in the future of your business offerings. Like any strategy, it doesn’t yield results overnight. In the first season, the process and ideas take root, in the second season new growth is revealed, and in the third season accelerated growth occurs. This is how things grow. 

As companies embrace the Greenhaus Method, they also drive culture change with a proven and repeatable process that fuels the transformation of the organization. By creating and fulfilling the demand for offerings that customers desire, the ROI becomes undeniable. And in doing so, companies are able to attract the best and brightest because of the commitment to defining what’s next. That’s the hallmark of any great company.


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