Building Scalable IoT Solutions for Outdoor, Rugged Environments

Join Us For A Webinar

Thursday, April 29, 12pm EST

In this webinar, Twisthink, an AWS Partner, and AWS will discuss how real companies are making their tough products and equipment in rough conditions smarter with IoT, AI & Cloud. 

As a panel, we will unpack principles used for designing and deploying durable IoT solutions that can survive extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time.

Additionally, we will discuss two real-world examples of IoT solutions that led to successful transformation efforts, predictive maintenance, and better customer experiences.

By attending this webinar you will learn:

1. A Human-Centered Approach to IoT

Many organizations focus on technical requirements, instead of building what creates the biggest impact for their customers and their business. We’ll show you how a Human-Centered design approach can revolutionize how you build IoT products.

2. Latest Technologies

New emerging technologies have made it easier to build scalable IoT solutions. Learn how organizations can leverage new capabilities created by AI, Edge & Cloud technologies with AWS.

3. Two Real-World Examples

Twisthink and AWS enhanced business value for two leading companies:

1. A connected solution that improves productivity, increases uptime and enhances the user experience for conveyor belts at mining sites across the globe.

2. Using IoT to keep a constant flow of clean water for millions of people in Africa and Asia.

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