Twisthink Restructures Team to Set Foundation for Growth

It’s been a significant year for Twisthink with many exciting changes happening within the company.

At the end of Q1, we introduced a new brand for Twisthink. The rebrand captures our expertise in both strategy and digital solutions and compliments the bold ambitions of the team. Shortly after, we finalized our plans to move the business to Grand Rapids. Twisthink will relocate in 2023 to the Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building, which is a part of the Grand Rapids Innovation Park located on medical mile. Fast forward to Q4, we announced that the ownership of the company was transferring to the team in the form of a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), through which every team member can share in the value Twisthink creates.

The common driver for these ambitious and strategic decisions is aimed at growth—growth for the business and growth for the team.

By defining a clear purpose, relocating its headquarters, and transferring ownership, Twisthink is not only further strengthening its position to deliver strategy and digital solutions, but also investing in its people.

We believe the team is the core to everything we do.

As we continue to live out this belief, while fostering a growth mindset and building the next generation of leadership at Twisthink, we’ve intentionally restructured our team to better align for the future.

Please join us in congratulating the following team members on their recent promotions.

Steve Honderd, formerly the Director of Finance + Operations, will now serve as Twisthink’s Chief Financial Officer. Steve was an instrumental leader this year during the transition to an ESOP ownership structure. As our first CFO, Steve will utilize his experience and expertise to manage the company’s finances while championing our decision-making around future investment opportunities.


Taryn Kutches, formerly the Director of Marketing + Customer Experience, has been promoted to Vice President of Brand and Business Development. Her role as Twisthink’s marketing leader has not changed, but by shifting her focus from project leadership to business development, Taryn’s role will foster teamwork and alignment as we build a global brand and continue to grow as one connected team.


Dave Moelker, formerly the Director of Business Development, is now the Vice President of Team and Operations. Dave is responsible for leading operational and strategic initiatives to support the growth of our clients and our business. Dave’s leadership experience and ability to twist technical and business thinking together will continue to be instrumental in delivering digital transformation for our customers.


Brad Natelborg, previously the Group Lead of the Project Lead team at Twisthink, is now the Director of Project Leadership. Demonstrating his exceptional communication and time management skills, Brad has grown into a key leader in building relationships and delivering meaningful impact. As a director, Brad will continue to exercise his leadership excellence to guide our team in executing successful project completion.


Ben Rau, formerly a Solutions Architect + Twisthink’s Cloud Lead, is now Twisthink’s Director of Cloud. Ben has built the cloud team from the ground up, now leading a talented team of software engineers to develop solutions on multiple cloud platforms, including AWS and Azure. Ben is dedicated to growing the team’s capabilities and will continue to lead with curiosity to uncover real needs and execute impactful solutions.


Lauren Seymour, formerly a Design Strategist, now serves as Twisthink’s Director of Strategy and UX. Lauren has grown into an exceptional leader, expanding upon her expertise as a researcher, facilitator, and change-maker. Lauren will continue to deliver new value and positive transformation by connecting the dots between consumer needs, strategic objectives, and innovative ideas.


Kristen Kosidowski, new to the team this year, is Twisthink’s Director of Talent Strategy. Kristen’s passion for mindfulness, coaching, and connection makes her the perfect leader in cultivating a culture of inclusion, courage, and excellence. Her determination and tenacity will help the team reach their full potential both personally and professionally.



We believe this restructuring of leadership roles will create the greatest value for our business and our people. By properly aligning our world-class team of visionaries, thinkers, and idealizers, we will continue to live into our beliefs, accelerate growth, and lead with innovation excellence to create unprecedented impact for our customers and our team.

In 2022, we strengthened our foundation. In 2023, we will continue to build the house.

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