Connectivity, we seek it from the moment we enter this world…

The internet of things (IoT) empowers you to create products that excite your customers and outperform your competition. No matter your industry, there’s opportunity to elevate your business model with IoT. From outfitting cars with drowsy driver protection to transforming a robot into the world’s most precise spinal surgeon, at Twisthink we use IoT to create digital experiences that in turn create business value for our clients.

What is AI and how will it Affect us as humans?

To embrace artificial intelligence is to understand its problem-solving intent. Without a strong value proposition, AI becomes innovation merely for innovation’s sake, and that will not be successful for your customers or for your business. Learn about how we define AI and how it affects us as humans. 

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The 4 Phases of Human-Centered Design

HCD is a creative approach to problem solving that explores the pain points of all stakeholders. It starts with an emphasis on user desirability – finding a desirable solution for your customer, then shifts the focus to technical feasibility and business viability. We believe that through this approach, companies will have a higher probability of reaching the “sweet spot of innovation.”

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