We are not out of big ideas: Strategic Innovation at Dent 2017

“Embrace the idea of pursuing difficult things, because they will inspire your team, inspire your customers, and give your organization a competitive advantage.”

Gordon and I had the incredible opportunity at Dent 2017 to share our perspective on the current state of innovation, creativity and imagination in our world today. Inspired by an article in The Wall Street Journal that recently claimed that Americans are in an “innovation slump,” and that incremental changes have replaced meaningful advances, we sought to debunk the author’s theory that we are truly out of big ideas. Contrary to the WSJ article, we believe that there is plenty of room for big ideas… Perhaps we are just running low on imagination.

Using a few of our favorite projects to illustrate the importance of imagination, including an algorithm that identifies when various household items are being used and a glove that creates a safer environment for warehouse pickers, in our presentation, we get to the bottom of how an organization can begin to uncover its next “big idea.” We illustrate how to create a unique IoT narrative, engage with industrial design, invest in the power of design thinking, and set a viable innovation process in place.

How can your organization innovate better? Check out DENT’s YouTube channel to watch our full presentation here. For more insight on The Wall Street Journal’s article on big ideas, you can also head over to LinkedIn to read my recent article on the topic.

If you had a chance to watch the video and are interested in creating your own strategic innovation plan and learning more about what Twisthink can do for your organization, reach out to us at 616.393.7766 or at hello@twisthink.com.

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