Leveraging the Unplanned Pitstop

How four companies are recalibrating growth strategies and preparing to accelerate

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Business has been disrupted. Those who respond with clarity of short- and long-term purpose in this time of uncertainty will be positioned to innovate, accelerate and grow.

A RACE ANALOGY – 24 hours of Le Mans is a prestigious global event that has been called the “Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency.” For a race this demanding, race team strategists have to make the right choice, at the right time, with each and every pit stop. But when best-laid plans get disrupted, teams have to become agile and innovative.

THE BUSINESS REALITY – Right now businesses are being forced to endure an unbelievably difficult endurance test as a global pandemic demands businesses take an unplanned pit stop. It is requiring a recalibration of growth strategies and committing to new levels of business agility and creative problem-solving. We’ll cover:

  • How planning, process, pivots and purpose inform action in a time of disruption
  • What manufacturers are strategically doing to shift gears instead of going idle
  • The essentials needed to innovate, accelerate and grow once social distancing mandates are lifted



Roger Jansen


Roger Jansen is an award-winning healthcare senior executive who leads strategic initiatives, authors new products and solutions, steers large-scale change and innovation efforts, and fosters high-performing teams and culture. Roger is the current CEO of HealthEco, where he partners with health systems to create new and diversified revenue opportunities. Prior to HealthEco, Roger worked as the Chief Strategy Officer for Spectrum Health, a $6B+ healthcare system.

Cindy Hannafey

Managing Director

Cynthia Hannafey is a Managing Director with UHY Advisors’ Management & Technology Consulting group, providing portfolio, program, and project management; digital transformation; post-merger integration, share service implementation and optimization, and operational and financial process optimization services to client companies. UHY shares their clients’ vision to improve profitability, enhance growth, avoid financial pitfalls, minimize taxes and preserve wealth.

Mike Gallagher

VP of Design
Crown Equipment

Mike Gallagher is VP of design for Crown Equipment Corp., a manufacturer of lift trucks and related products and services. Gallagher oversees the global design operations and leverages his competent staff to provide strategic innovation influence to an expanding and evolving company. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati in design after which he began his career at Chase Design consultancy. Gallagher has taught at Syracuse University and has juried several international design competitions.

Evan Hughes

Central Standard Craft Distillery

Evan Hughes began his career in the craft beverage industry in 2004 as the Publisher of DRAFT Magazine. His extensive industry knowledge and relationships proved integral to DRAFT’s position as the industry leader. His energy and vision for the industry established his entrepreneurial success as he co-founded Central Standard Craft Distillery in 2014. Now as the Co-Founder and CEO, Evan’s focus is on strategic development, growth, marketing and branding.


Bob Neimeic

Managing Partner

Bob Niemiec has been merging the science of design and the art of technology since Twisthink was founded in 2001. He and his team have helped companies such as Whirlpool, Lutron, Stryker, Herman Miller, and dozens more to connect more than 100 million devices in the marketplace to date.

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