A few stories of return on innovation

Twisthink clients come from various industries and markets, but what ties them all together is a common belief that technology can make the products, services and experiences they provide better. And when it comes to our work with those clients, we like to describe our role as a “mountain guide”, helping them with technology innovation and product design consulting. Below you’ll see some of the summits we’ve helped companies climb.


Nanostake is a revolutionary new staking technology that uses rapid heating technology in the industrial manufacturing industry. It is a new product added to the Extol case study and 60% smaller than their other successful staking product.  


Battery Steward is the first digital product in Flow-Rite's portfolio. This battery monitor allows operations to measure battery temperature, record battery watering in real-time, and monitor battery usage. This allows warehouses to operate faster and easier. 

Crown Equipment

The QuickPick glove is the first remote control glove for the industrial market. It enhances safety and maximizes efficiency by saving up to 70% of daily footsteps.

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To create the VBL for the entire Pro Line series, Twisthink turned the toaster into the portfolio's iconic standard-bearer, especially noteworthy is the smooth, glossy rounded top that leverages the heritage of the globally iconic stand mixer. 

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The Isolibrium premium critical care support mattress assists with the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers using an air circulation and support system.

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D2 Convertible Flooring is is a radical new two-part system in Milliken's portfolio that optimizes design as well as function. This new product delivers value to their key customers and stakeholders, and is their latest innovation.

Herman Miller

Live OS is a series of cloud-connected furnishings, app, and dashboard that provides a more connected and personalized workplace for employers and employees.

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Twisthink designed the entire UX and digital ecosystem of wireless, waterproof, body worn sensors, local area network, algorithms, cloud server platform and user interface.

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Doorman App 

This is NOT your typical remote start platform. This is your phone as a digital vehicle key. Sophisticated sensors embedded into the vehicle that can track exactly where you are and predict what you want to happen next. We call it anticipatory controls. Beyond smart or intuitive…it's pure digital hospitality; your own personal doorman.

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GPS Intel

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