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For the past 20 years, clients have remained the center of our world. Focusing on clients keeps us both creative and resourceful, results- and detail-oriented. We believe in trusting one another’s talents, setting our clients up for success and embracing the passion of our team. Very few people get to help innovate the world each day, and we’re glad to do it with each other.


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IDEA award

Over the years, our products have earned a few awards. And, while we’re honored to receive recognition for our work, it’s our collaboration with great clients that leads to such high acclaim.

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Giving Back to Communities

At Twisthink we believe in giving back to the community and society at large and have integrated this into our business model. Take a look at some the different causes that we support.


Giving Back To Education

Organizations like First Robotics, Michigan Design Challenge, Good Sam's Wild Run and other educational causes allow us to contribute our skills and tools to give back to young children and adults.


Providing Clean Drinking Water

We are blessed with being surrounded by the largest body of fresh water in the world. Because of our passion for water, we have partnered with organizations whose purpose is to help provide clean drinking water to those in need.

House Building

Helping Provide a Home

We enjoy taking a few days a year to leave the office and help organizations provide families in our community a better place to live. An inspiring vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

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Watch Our Team In Action

Not your average problem solvers.

This is our crew–a team of thinkers who are fearless, playful and passionate. Among us you will find strategists, designers, creators, developers, engineers and eternal optimists all cross-trained in Human Centered Design. We ask questions, push limits, think outside the box and take your team where it needs to go.

Empowering one another to achieve our best.

We’re constantly generating ideas. As part of our process, we recognize how community, learning and fun keep our thinking fresh. Plus, when you like the people you work with, you like to hang out with one another past 5pm on a work day. Here’s a bit of what we do off the clock.

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It's easy to ask what's possible when the person making it is right next to you.

Discover how our team solves the problems no one else can.