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Fuel creativity, expand your network, and inspire innovation opportunities by looking across different industries and creating in the overlaps.


Your engagement in Shared Spaces starts with an immersive 4-month cohort program where you’ll connect with 30 leaders from various industries. During these 4 months, you will meet remotely on a monthly basis to explore innovations and technologies driving the future of healthcare, mobility, and industrial markets.

After completing the program, you’ll gain access to our growing Shared Spaces Community. This network offers opportunities for continued collaboration and new innovations.

Join a community of
industry leaders.

Industry insights unleashed. 

The industry reports were created in partnership with Ebco Trends, a trend-powered innovation firm. The reports are used throughout the cohort to explore the impact of emerging trends within each industry and how these industries will evolve over the next 3-5 years.

One of the most valuable parts of the program for every Shared Spaces member is the breakout sessions during the cohort meetings. These sessions are designed to foster cross-industry collaboration, where we divide the cohort into groups to tackle questions about how leading companies can harness the potential of the trends outlined in the reports to drive innovation.

For instance, during the mobility cohort meeting, the group explored a scenario of how Amazon could revolutionize city movement, using the power of micro-trends like e-mobility, MaaS, and micro-mobility.

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How it works

1. Inspiration

Begin your four month journey by looking outside your industry and exploring the trends and innovations driving change in the industrial, healthcare, and mobility spaces.

Engage with 30 cross-functional leaders through interactive whiteboards and virtual meetings as we guide you through the latest trend reports in each of these spaces.

2. Ideation

As you expose yourself to what is happening in different spaces, ideas for innovation will start to emerge. As ideas are curated and evolve, they will be captured in our virtual whiteboard experience.

We’ll focus on new ideas in overlapping spaces and think about how the changes in one space impact another.

3. Action

At the end of your journey, you’ll have the opportunity to express interest in a project. Actions on ideas is where real innovation happens.

Projects can take the form of co-development with other cohort members or your own internal innovation project.

Program Schedule

Dates to Remember

Cohort meetings will be on Thursdays from 1-2:30 p.m. ET.

*Registration deadline: January 31, 2024

*Registration deadline: July 19, 2024

As a member
you will…

+ what to expect from Shared Spaces


Attend monthly meetings

These 90-minute virtual meetings will be facilitated by Twisthink who will present the trend reports and provide opportunities for discussion.


Receive a copy of each trend report

Upon conclusion of each meeting, cohort members will receive a copy of the industrial, healthcare, and mobility trend reports.


Engage in offline touch points

In between meetings, members will receive prompts in the form of ThoughtSparks and Mindsets to keep minds fresh and mining for insights.


Gain access to the community

After cohort completion, members will gain access to the Community, which will serve as a platform to collaborate and solve cross-industry problems.

Why Join?

Investment vs. Value

We understand that your time is valuable, and committing to a 4-month program may seem significant for some. But we believe the value significantly outweighs the time investment.  There is no limit to what ideas and inspiration this may spark for you or your team.

Idea Generation → Action

Shared Spaces is more than just exploring other industries. It provides a clear path to inspiration, idea generation, and action.

Grow your Network

Building relationships with leaders in different sectors can be a valuable experience that not only broadens your network but also helps you grow as a person.

“Ideas don’t need to be new to the world, just new to you or your target audience. That’s the power of cross-industry innovation.”

Endorsed by:
Ramon Vullings, Author of “Not Invented Here”
(As a member of Shared Spaces, you will receive a copy of his book.)

Not Invented Here

“Beginning with the industrial-focused session, I was pleasantly surprised by the connections between the healthcare and industrial sectors.”

Mark Ciesko Senior Director of User Integration GE Healthcare

“It’s been really interesting to think about how similar technologies impact industries in different ways!”

Philip Hague Innovation Design Director 3M

“How do I do what we did here today for a living? I really enjoyed this first session of connecting use cases to technology to help solve problems.”

Elisha Herrmann Worldwide Cross Industry Solution Manager Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“I absolutely love Shared Spaces – the valuable information, diverse perspectives, engaging breakouts, and thought-provoking questions, all presented professionally.”

Nicole Groenendyk Senior Strategic Project Manager Vermeer Corporation

“Shared Spaces stands out as a well-structured program, providing insightful content and engaging discussions. For business leaders seeking innovation from a non-traditional and cross-industry perspective, this program is for you.”

Sid Asthana Director of Business Development Trinseo

“Trek was excited to take part in Shared Spaces. Meeting fellow cohorts from other industries and sharing ideas was the highlight.”

Hans Eckholm Design Director Trek


We understand this is a 4-month commitment to a new program and you may have hesitations. But we don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity. Check out our FAQ’s for more information. Don’t see the information you need? Submit a question of your own.

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