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Partnering with organizations to imagine, develop, and launch new technology-enabled products to the market.

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Aligning on your company’s vision and purpose, we provide a clear, actionable roadmap to ignite your full potential.

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The best ideas emerge from diverse perspectives, and that’s why we bring together designers, strategists, and technologists to fuel the success of your product.

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Through human-centered design, we create intuitive interfaces and meaningful experiences that not only delight but also inspire.

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Connecting devices isn’t just about data; it’s about unlocking new possibilities. We have the expertise to turn data into actionable insights that drive results.

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Craft a dynamic and robust strategy

Feeling lost in your product portfolio or stuck with a brilliant but underdeveloped idea? Twisthink is your guide, helping you unlock hidden potential in your offerings and reimagine customer experiences through tailored strategies, actionable plans, and expert collaboration. Let’s transform your vision into reality.

Captivate with flawless design

Ready to awe your customers with seamless design? We craft intuitive interfaces and beautiful products that exceed expectations, spark delight, and build lasting loyalty. Let’s unlock the potential of your user experience, together.

Create impact with transformative technology

Unleash the power of AI, IoT, and cloud to transform your business. Our human-centered design and technology expertise crafts custom solutions that connect devices, drive insights, build powerful apps, and cultivate cloud connectivity, setting you apart in the digital age.

Case in

For Vermeer

How we supported Vermeer in their digital
transformation journey through the design and
build of a telematics solution.

Vermeer, a global manufacturer of industrial and agricultural equipment, partnered with Twisthink to develop a game-changing digital solution that would optimize machine performance, minimize downtime, and enhance service capabilities.

Impact: By adopting a user-centered approach, we supported Vermeer in manufacturing an intuitive and robust telematics web application that delivers valuable insights. Read more

For Trinseo

A cross-collaborative approach creates concrete strategies for leading material manufacturer

Trinseo’s objective was to explore strategic concepts that would enable them to apply their materials in novel ways or pioneer new technologies that would create fresh avenues for value generation. To navigate this endeavor, Trinseo partnered with Twisthink, relying on our expertise to guide this innovation and strategy process.

Impact: Within a timeframe of 12 weeks, Trinseo was delivered a "Now, Near, Next" Innovation Roadmap, which outlined a series of actionable, recommended opportunities to pursue. Read more

For charity : water

How we used IoT and the cloud to safeguard clean water

Leaning into our expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT connectivity, we helped charity : water move beyond just building wells by designing a sensor and connected apps that monitored their wells remotely and facilitated timely maintenance.

Impact: By detecting issues before they occur and dispatching prompt repairs when necessary, water is flowing safely for an estimated 100 million people. Read more

For Herman Miller

Your office just got a whole lot smarter: Live OS improves on the office environment

Herman Miller engaged with Twisthink to explore the possibilities that the “Internet of Things” (IoT) could offer employers and workplace strategy. It started with the idea of equipping a chair with sensors, an idea that quickly expanded to the creation of an ecosystem of connected furniture.

Impact: A connected, personalized workplace with Live OS furnishings, dashboard and apps Read more

For Bissell

A completely connected robotic vaccuum, using AI to clean smarter

Building exceptional deep-cleaning vacuums is what BISSEL does. By embracing AI, the company is now developing intelligent, robotic-vacuum technology that is worthy of its storied name, and helping to propel it forward.

Impact: Effortlessly clean floors thanks to this AI-driven vacuum Read more

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With over 20 years of experience, we bring deep expertise and fresh perspectives to your industry challenges.


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We’re your one-stop partner ready to take you from start to finish. Eliminate friction, drive ROI, and launch your connected product with confidence.


Power in perspectives

Diverse minds, cross-disciplinary expertise, and a shared passion for innovation. We inject new energy and groundbreaking possibilities into your product journey.


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We believe your success is our success. We work alongside you, not just for you, sharing goals and celebrating wins.

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