Herman Miller

A series of cloud-connected and personalized office furnishings, app, and dashboard reinvent the modern workplace.

Employees and businesses can customize Live OS furniture to their unique needs


Inspired by the potential of Internet of Things (or IoT), Herman Miller–leaders in human-centered office furniture design–came to Twisthink with an idea for a “connected” chair that could provide additional tools for employers to build a unique and effective office. The concept quickly scaled to a full system of connected, customizable office furniture.

Office furniture sensors serve up live data on workplace trends

Work Summary

In the toolbox:

  • Stakeholder Research & Analysis
  • Edge Device Design & Development
  • Business Viability Assessment
  • Technical Feasibility Assessment

With the needs of real offices in focus, we asked stakeholders: Could furniture provide useful data with business value? Is it technically feasible to design + deploy furniture capable of producing this data? Who would benefit from and pay for this data?

In the end, we had a clear plan:

  • Tools to optimize individual health, equipment performance, and the work environment
  • Broad research into sensor technology opportunities and the best cloud solutions to capture and share data
  • Edge device hardware that would work aesthetically and functionally with various furnishings



Live OS, a new system of cloud-connected furnishings, empowers employees to personalize their workspace, while office managers can track + optimize how their office is functioning. This breakthrough signaled Herman Miller’s strategic transition from manufacturer to services provider, and they’ve now added their iconic Live Aeron chair to the system for a more intuitive, active, and healthy work experience.

Strategy Spotlight:

Interviewed key stakeholders to uncover the value of improving employee health through connected office furniture and how an enterprise can improve their organizational performance.

Tech Spotlight:

The edge device implements a unique blend of Bluetooth mesh and Bluetooth low energy—allowing us to stack multiple sensors and improve motion detection.

Tech Spotlight:

The Live OS dashboard + app helps employees personalize settings, sit-stand goals, find open rooms: truly human-centered design built to scale.

Tech Spotlight:

We optimized the hardware, firmware + communication protocols for cost, effectiveness, and how well the hardware and cloud solutions met real needs.

Tech Spotlight:

The final IoT infrastructure opened the door to enterprise scale, coexistence with other wireless technology within the office and reduced cost.


“Twisthink has the capability to keep the business drivers and strategy in context while delivering tactical engineering development.”

– Jeff Gibson 

Director of New Product Commercialization at Herman Miller


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