your product innovation.

As you move along your product innovation journey, Twisthink can help at the front end of creating your organization’s strategy all the way to full design and development of connected products and digital platforms.

Our capabilities bring a combination of big picture thinking, creative reimagining, and cutting edge technical expertise, all with the intention of leveling up your business.

We start with digital strategy before building a single thing.


This is a pivotal moment for organizations—a time not to retract from innovation but to actively ignite creativity and cultivate groundbreaking ideas. Our programs are tailored to facilitate your exploration of emerging technologies, offering the potential to distinctly differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Within Innovation, we offer:

Continuous Innovation Pipeline

Empower your business with a steady flow of desirable, feasible, and viable ideas, so you can stay at the forefront of innovation.

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Shared Spaces Innovation Program

Fuel creativity and inspire innovation opportunities with a clear path to action by looking across different industries and creating in the overlaps.

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Understanding clearly what consumers want in a product and what they haven’t even dared dream of yet is what sets companies apart. Explore what deserves to be built before spending valuable development time on products that could be so much more.

Within Strategy, we offer:

Portfolio Strategy

Imagine new product opportunities and define a clear and actionable strategy tailored to your specific needs.

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Product Strategy

Develop a compelling, viable product strategy that empowers you to proceed into development with confidence.

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Experience Strategy

Pinpoint opportunities within your products or services to harness technology, whether it’s to elevate current customer experiences or forge entirely new ones.

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Align your product aspirations with what inspires your customer. The customer’s experience is elevated by a successful fusion of visual design and seamless usability that define and guide their overall experience of your product.

Within Design, we offer:

UI / UX Design

Enhance your customer’s experience with a seamless and intuitive interface.

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Product Design

Blend ergonomics, durability, aesthetics, and functionality to create a brilliant and successful product.

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UI Assessment

Pinpoint any potential obstacles in your user’s experience or interface design that could hinder engagement or adoption.

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We seamlessly blend hardware, software, AI, and cloud solutions to craft end-to-end experiences that empower you to connect, analyze, and innovate like never before. Partner with us to unlock possibilities and redefine success in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Within Technology, we offer:

Hardware + Software

From circuit design to software development, we seamlessly bridge the physical and digital worlds, developing custom electronics that unlock unique value for your business.

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AI + Data Intelligence

Transform data into actionable insights with our AI expertise, driving predictive maintenance, optimized performance, and automation for a smarter future.

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Mobile / Web Apps

Unleash user-centered experiences through beautiful, intuitive mobile and web apps, built to boost engagement, efficiency, and revenue.

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Cultivate connectivity and unlock potential with our comprehensive IoT cloud solutions, empowering you to manage data, scale operations, and ignite innovation.

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Open innovation meets human-centered design

Over our 20 years in the field of innovation, we’ve seen trends come and go.

We have developed our own method of innovation + design that is best described as a convergence of open innovation [reaching out beyond internal resources to bring the universe of innovation and expertise to our doorstep] + human-centered design [prioritizing, investigating, and championing the needs and behaviors of real people].

This comes to life in myriad ways for different industries, clients, and projects, but they all share the same dynamic, invigorating approach to complex market and human problems that move them from daunting, to exciting.

When we imagine beyond our constraints, we end up accomplishing remarkable, unexpected goals. When we put real people at the center of our process, we end up with meaningful solutions that go beyond simply addressing a pain point to have a meaningful, powerful impact.

Knowledge isn’t enough— innovation craves imagination

The convergence of disciplines makes our team unique + strong
Find focus in a noisy world


“I truly appreciate how your team can lead us through a strategic innovation process and then ‘convert’ with solid product development support—having both skills on one team delivers great results!”

– Bruno B.

CEO + visionary for game- changing innovation monitoring app


Digital transformation,
with a twist.

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