A few stories of return on innovation

Twisthink clients come from various industries and markets, but what ties them all together is a common belief that technology can make the products, services and experiences they provide better. And when it comes to our work with those clients, we like to describe our role as a “mountain guide”, helping them with technology innovation and product design consulting. Below you’ll see some of the summits we’ve helped companies climb.

Our Work


We helped BISSELL achieve its digital transformation goal by programming and embedding artificial intelligence into their latest robotic vacuum.

Charity Water

Together we applied IoT, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to help provide clean drinking water to the world’s poorest 3 billion people.


Unplanned downtime in the mining industry is extremely costly. With the help of a new IOT system, unplanned downtime is now a thing of the past.


Say goodbye to the old and heavy floormats and hello to D2 Convertible Flooring, a new light mat made with adaptex™ active surface technology.

Herman Miller

Your office just got a lot smarter. Live OS is designed to benefit the organizations who invest in it, and their employees.


Managing the health of hundreds of forklift batteries in an industrial warehouse just got a lot easier with this digital battery sensor.


A revolutionary new staking technology that uses rapid heating technology in the industrial manufacturing industry.


Limelight is the industry leading IoT lighting control system that reduces energy costs, streamlines maintenance and enhances safety.


The Isolibrium support mattress assists with the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers using an air circulation and support system.


Crown’s QuickPick Remote helps pickers on warehouse floor save 70% of their steps enhancing overall safety and efficiency.


Swimming just got a lot smarter. Live OS is designed to maximize training for world-class athletes and their coaches.


The toaster was created as the first product of an entirely new portfolio and became the portfolio’s icon for Visual Brand Language.

Additional Work Examples


Genie is the new digital doorman who analyses and predicts your behavior and desires. We designed the experience, hardware, and algorithms to bring it all together.

Illinois Tool Works

IBEX One offers fast thawing, precision browning, on-demand baking and rapid re-thermalization so chefs can focus on the customer without sacrificing on quality.

Hilton Hotels

First we said goodbye to the physical key, now say goodbye to the plastic key. This digital key opens any door that a plastic key would normally open, and is now offered by over 1,000 Hilton properties world-wide.

Spectrum Health

Abriiz combines a smart phone app and online web portal to track medications, monitor symptoms, set goals, schedule reminders and more.



When Whirlpool was looking to break away from the kitchen and develop a new market category they came to Twisthink to generate the initial visual brand language and strategy. 



We designed a new tire changer that works with all tire types and wheel combinations, eliminating the need for an auto mechanic, making this experience highly productive and reducing the risk of wheel damage.



Aircuity 2.0 combines a new, intuitive user interface design with powerful airside efficiency software to provide actionable insights, transparency and accountability to building owners and facility managers.



With our image processing, computer vision and machine learning expertise we accelerated Magna Electronic’s smart car technology efforts in the growing domain of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication.



Introducing PowerLoad. A sophisticated digital handshake that allows an ambulance to automatically recognize, grasp and retract a cot for a swift, secure and effortless departure.



Twisthink has been developing sophisticated, miniaturized, high resolution, waterproof digital video systems for over a decade. We’re finding new ways to advance medicine through technology.



With our hardware, software, antenna design, and testing, Twisthink partnered with V.I.O. to develop the 3rd gen high definition wireless camera. 



We designed Everydrop to be fast and flexible. Everydrop was fast out of the gate and has revolutionized an industry because, as it turns out, watching water be (slowly) filtered is not a spectator sport.


Marquette Backcountry

Introducing the first blow molded back country ski. 50% snowshoe, 50% ski, 100% fun! A venture so exciting it prompted a dinner and presentation invite to the White House for our client.


Dabir Surfaces

This 2nd gen product was created to prevent pressure injuries in the emergency department. Using insights and stakeholder feedback from the 1st product, we added new capabilities and enhanced the overall UX.


GPS Intel

We developed a military and law enforcement surveillance tool using the latest cellular technology. This product lives in a harsh environment under a vehicle and can withstand anything.


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