A new design in floor mats not only meets the needs of today but lays the groundwork for the spaces of tomorrow.

The goal was to redesign Milliken’s conventional rental mats that are used in offices, hotels, and every kind of industrial or retail space.


In the bustling world of commercial spaces, where every step counts and every detail matters, Milliken faced a familiar challenge: the need to reimagine the conventional floor mat. Office buildings, hotel lobbies, industrial complexes, and retail stores all relied on these mats to welcome visitors, trap dirt, and enhance safety. Yet, the traditional rental mats fell short in terms of both function and design. Armed with creativity and a deep understanding of user experience, Twisthink helped Milliken pioneer a new design in floor mats.

We interviewed and shadowed three different stakeholder groups - end users, service companies, and laundry companies.

Work Summary

In the toolbox:

  • Immersion Workshop
  • Stakeholder Research + Analysis
  • Industrial Design + Prototyping
  • Mechanical Design

Our journey began not in a boardroom, but on the ground, where we immersed ourselves in the daily lives of those who interacted with floor mats the most. From office managers to service technicians and laundry professionals, we listened, observed, and learned. Their insights became the compass guiding the design process.

Through our Visual Research Tool (VRT) process, we delved deeper into the intricacies of form and function. We melded our expertise with Milliken’s wealth of knowledge in material science, setting the stage for innovation.

Through our collaboration with Milliken, we:

  • Designed based on real stakeholder needs
  • Pioneered a new design that features a two-part system
  • Solved multiple challenges in both usability and desirability


The result was D2 Convertible Flooring – a two-part system of stability and versatility that transcended the limitations of traditional floor mats. From the durable base that stood firm against the test of time to the moisture-resistant top that kept spaces pristine, every element served a purpose. Its modular design allowed Milliken to tap into new spaces and venture into new environments, serving as a breakthrough innovation that transformed the rental floor mat market.

Design Spotlight:

The base component anchors the location on the floor, ensuring it stays in one place. And the top component “locks in” a lightweight floor covering using Adaptex™ technology.

Design Spotlight:

The new design significantly enhanced usability by providing greater stability, a 50% reduction in weight, and a thinner material for do-it-yourself installation.

Design Spotlight:

The new design delivered increased desirability with a modular design, aesthetic improvements, design pattern variety, moisture and dust control top, and slip & trip prevention.


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