A focus on human-centered design clears the air for a solution that is not only robust but also highly efficient and intuitive.

As a leader in energy efficiency, Aircuity needed an efficient solution for their current software platform.


Aircuity is a leading airside efficiency company providing building owners with sustained energy savings by optimizing ventilation rates through its intelligent measurement solutions and ensuring peak building performance. Experiencing bottlenecks and implementation issues, Aircuity was looking to take the complexity out of their current user platform but was unsure of where to start. Aircuity partnered with Twisthink to re-think how to make their project tracking platform more user-friendly through stakeholder research, a new user interface, and robust software.

A cross-functional team of architects, designers, software developers, and HCD experts resulted in a faster, more complete timeline.

Work Summary

In the toolbox:

  • Stakeholder Research & Analysis
  • Algorithm Development
  • Cloud Architecture & Development
  • User Interface Design

With our human-centered design approach, we began by focusing on the current user experience to understand the needs and pain points of various stakeholders. Through extensive interviews and engagement, we gained valuable insights into the challenges they faced with their existing platform. Utilizing this knowledge, we embarked on the development process, driven by our commitment to create a transformative solution that addresses these pain points head-on.

The new platform delivered the following benefits to the end user:


  • Simplified and unified process and tools.
  • No more code! The new system auto-generates a project file so techs aren’t required to write the code.
  • Better data with the whole process captured in the cloud.
  • Easier to use and sell as engineers can quickly and easily design a solution working over 2-D building plans.
  • Automated monitoring requires fewer technical staff to troubleshoot installations or monitor running systems.
  • Simplified tools, automation, and focused support enable Rep firms to create a robust solution efficiently.


The result was Aircuity 2.0 – an intuitive user interface design with powerful airside efficiency software to provide actionable insights, transparency, and accountability to building owners and facility managers. The new platform was a breath of fresh air, significantly reducing energy costs and improving safety and productivity, while achieving quantifiable results for smart buildings with Aircuity.

Tech Spotlight: 

Aircuity 2.0 includes physical system upgrades. The result is increased availability, reliability, and security, which in turn, increases the ROI for Aircuity’s customers.

Strategy Spotlight: 

Through user research and journey mapping, we were able to clearly define the challenges we needed to solve from the current platform, including delays, cost overruns, lack of control, complexity, and difficult installation.


“Twisthink’s vision and strategy were an invaluable part of our success. The team’s combined experience in integrating software and interaction design made them brilliant contributors to Aircuity 2.0. We are migrating our entire portfolio of over 700 installations in 17 countries to the Aircuity 2.0 platform.”

– JoAnn Garbin

Chief Innovation Officer, Aircuity


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