A cross-collaborative approach creates concrete strategies for leading material manufacturer.

Trinseo desired to move away from a commodity provider and become an innovative solutions partner.


Driven by a vision for innovation, Trinseo, a leading global materials company, sought to transcend its conventional notion as a product provider and transform into a solutions partner. Targeting the markets of mobility and construction, their objective was to explore strategic concepts that would enable them to apply their materials in novel ways or pioneer new technologies that would create fresh avenues for value generation. To navigate this endeavor, Trinseo partnered with Twisthink, relying on our expertise to guide this innovation and strategy process.

We challenged team members to think beyond the spec sheet and focus on customer needs.

Work Summary

In the toolbox:

  • Innovation Workshop
  • Stakeholder & Journey Mapping
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Trend Analysis
  • "Now, Near, Next" Innovation Roadmap

Our team conducted internal stakeholder interviews and extensive industry research to gain a comprehensive understanding of market trends and client objectives. These insights enabled us to identify strategic initiatives and better comprehend the current state of the business, along with the opportunity markets.

Through a 2-day workshop, our team engaged with Trinseo to review and discuss key current-state challenges, broadening our view on related technology trends in the process. Through structured, cross-collaborative brainstorming, we uncovered new and exciting opportunities, which we then distilled into core ideas. Final concept recommendations were created through:

  • Seven internal stakeholder interviews
  • New user, industry, and technology insights from a variety of external sources
  • An innovation workshop to engage Trinseo in structured brainstorming to uncover new opportunities viable for further exploration
  • Analysis of opportunity spaces according to desirability, technical feasibility, and business viability


Within a timeframe of 12 weeks, Trinseo was delivered a “Now, Near, Next” Innovation Roadmap, which outlined a series of actionable, recommended opportunities for them to pursue. Each concept was supported by thorough and comprehensive research, ensuring its potential to drive significant value for the company, specifically within the mobility and construction markets. These strategic recommendations delivered both innovation and the empowerment to move from a commodity provider to a solutions partner.

Strategy Spotlight:

During the workshop, 14 key leaders from Trinseo spent two full days focused on the future of the business and diving into intentional cross-functional conversations.

Strategy Spotlight:

In conclusion of the workshop, 50+ concepts were generated as potential process and product innovations. These became opportunities for actionable projects, ranging from quick-wins to game-changing breakthroughs.

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