A cutting-edge innovation sets a new standard for excellence in swimming, making waves in the sport.

The goal was to develop a smarter and more efficient approach to swim training - a critical need for a sport in which every second counts.


As Bruce Burton, president of AvidaSports, observed his daughter’s swim practice, the inefficiencies of traditional swim training methods became glaringly apparent. Counting strokes, timing laps with stopwatches, and post-meet video analysis seemed outdated and cumbersome in a world where real-time feedback was critical for improvement. Recognizing the need for a smarter approach, AvidaSports partnered with Twisthink to revolutionize swim training.

We conducted thorough interviews with swimmers and coaches to understand product requirements and the importance of real-time feedback in elite swim training.

Work Summary

In the toolbox:

  • Stakeholder Research + Analysis
  • User Experience Design
  • Product Design
  • Sensor Design + Development

The journey was characterized by a meticulous and collaborative process, rooted in a deep understanding of both athlete needs and technological possibilities. Immersive interviews with swimmers and coaches revealed the critical need for real-time feedback to make every stroke count. This laid the groundwork for the development of a solution that not only met but exceeded expectations.

Iterative prototyping and testing ensured that every component of the solution, from lightweight sensors to an intuitive dashboard interface, was finely tuned to enhance the swimmer’s experience and coach’s effectiveness. Through a relentless commitment to innovation and user-centered design, we transformed a vision into reality.

Together, Twisthink collaborated with AvidaSports to:

  • Develop a wireless, waterproof monitor to measure key stroke and speed metrics.
  • Create an intuitive system that captures data during training, providing real-time feedback to swimmers and coaches.
  • Enhance the training process and significantly improve swimmers’ performance levels.


The result was the AvidaMetrics system—a wireless, waterproof monitor no larger than a wristwatch, meticulously designed to capture eight performance metrics in real-time. From stroke rate to speed, the system provided instant feedback after every length, empowering swimmers to track their progress and make adjustments on the fly. The impact of the product was profound, with Olympians, college teams, and high school champions embracing the technology to elevate their performance. The AvidaMetrics system transformed the way athletes approached training, setting a new standard for excellence in the sport.

Design Spotlight:

Requiring minimal interference with the swimmer’s movements, the design featured lightweight sensors for wrists, ankles, and the head-cap, prioritizing functionality without sacrificing performance.

Tech Spotlight:

For coaches, the AvidaMetrics dashboard became an indispensable tool, allowing them to monitor multiple swimmers simultaneously and tailor training programs to individual needs.

Tech Spotlight:

AvidaSports swimmers experienced an average season improvement of 4%, surpassing the average improvement rates in college swimming, highlighting the system’s effectiveness in a sport where every second counts.


“What if she had the ability to see how she was performing in the water during and after practice?”

– Bruce B.

AvidaSports President + competitive swimming's tech ambassador


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