Twisthink’s initiative to revamp the lamp yields an IoT lighting control system that enhances safety, saves energy, and streamlines maintenance.

Fixture grouping illuminates an entire row or floor once motion is detected


On average, there are 6.5 billion kilowatt hours wasted on parking garage lighting, costing over $2 million per day, as lights are always left on. The Twisthink team saw an opportunity to use energy more sustainably and reduce costs by only using light when, where and to what degree is needed. We also saw an opportunity to create a safer environment where spaces are reliably illuminated whenever they are being used.

Always-on garage lighting costs $730 million annually

Work Summary

In the toolbox:

  • Immersion Workshops
  • Stakeholder Research & Analysis
  • Mobile & Web App Implementation
  • Algorithm Development
  • Edge Device Design & Development
  • Product Design
  • User Interface Design

We began our quest for more efficient and responsible industrial lighting use by investigating the technical possibilities in lighting sensors. The team researched and mapped out various use cases for how a connected IoT solution would help solve common issues that cause lights to be left on.

Limelight began to take shape with these features:

  • Sensing activity so that spaces are well-lit while people are walking but lights stay off when and where they aren’t needed
  • Remote light fixture monitoring for streamlined and efficient maintenance 
  • An interface where energy use can be tracked and optimized



Limelight’s IoT lighting controls provide daylight and nighttime harvest for any fixture, report the status of each fixture, and track facility activity, delivering a complete ROI in less than 3 years. It has saved users (parking garages, warehouses, convention centers, and more) an average of 70% in energy costs to date. The only product of its kind, Lutron Electronics purchased Limelight for application in their home lighting systems.


Tech Spotlight:

Limelight combines high density mesh (HDM) wireless and advanced luminaire technologies that allows continuous monitoring and adjustment of light levels.

Tech Spotlight: 

Facilities are “perfectly calibrated” to low light in the daytime until activity is detected in the evening. The dashboard shows monthly energy savings and fine-tunes energy use.

Tech Spotlight: 

With a motion sensor in every fixture, Limelight safeguards customers by seamlessly lighting the way as they move through the space.


“Limelight has enhanced campus safety, providing us with positive environmental changes and savings that has provided a quick ROI.”

– Diane DeLaTorre

Director of Parking University of Michigan


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