IoT Drives Strategic Growth for Limelight Through Transformative Product

Those familiar with the term “IoT” are probably familiar with the prediction that the world will have 50 billion connected devices by 2020. A decade ago, this number was much smaller and the now popular IoT buzz-word, was not commonly used. Even so, this did not keep Twisthink from believing that innovative products and services needed to be created by combining intuitive design with transformative technology. This is why we made a significant investment in the belief that growth comes through innovation.

Back in 2008, Twisthink saw an opportunity to bring value to the lighting industry by using the power of connectivity to create a sustainable and safe environment. Whether it be an outdoor parking garage or an indoor manufacturing facility – we believed that lighting could have a powerful effect on both the facility manager using the software and the users of the facility that rely on a safe environment.

In response, the Twisthink team created Limelight, a smart IoT lighting control system. Limelight reduces energy use, saves on maintenance costs and enhances safety through sensing technology of various factors such as, sunlight, occupancy, time of day, fixture zones, event scheduling and more. These lighting controls are now being deployed across North America by the TwistHDM team and can be integrated into any LED fixture 0-10V.

According to a recent report, the global lighting controls market is expected to reach an estimated $20 billion by 2023 with an annual growth rate of 12% from 2018 to 2023. The main growth factors are development of smart cities, increasing adoption of IoT within the lighting industry, rising utility costs, and favorable government regulations for energy efficiency.

IoT is going to disrupt every market, and lighting controls are just the beginning for the lighting industry. Beyond Limelight, Twisthink and TwistHDM continue to collaborate on ways that lighting can be paired with new technology to leverage the demand response capabilities in smart cities, autonomous vehicles, mass transit and universities.

A decade of experience in this industry has led to a recent partnership between TwistHDM and Lutron, a leader acheter cialis en france in the intelligent lighting control market. Lutron has a similar passion for lighting controls and is known for their strong reputation for indoor applications. Lutron understands their stakeholders and the desire from their users to have consistency across their software platform, indoor and outdoor.

“As a company devoted to simplifying the smart building and bringing IoT connectivity to more spaces, we recognized an opportunity for an outdoor solution that was simple to design and supported by our Enterprise Vue management software” said Scott Hanna, Vice President, Commercial Systems and Communications at Lutron Electronics, in today’s press release.  

Through this partnership, “Limelight by Lutron” will be available by the Lutron team and sold throughout North America so that customers can receive the same great value for interior and exterior spaces.

One of the key benefits of Limelight is its flexibility to perform with fixtures from various lighting companies. This is being shown through this new partnership with Lutron. Both Twisthink and TwistHDM look forward to seeing what this partnership could bring, while delivering the value of Limelight to various lighting manufacturers world-wide.

As Twisthink's Managing Partner, Bob has a passion and gift for connecting with people and harnessing the power of a cross-functional team with not only Twisthink but also our clients. As a team builder and team promoter, he is committed to creativity and creating bold change.

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