Michigan IoT firm delivers lighting solution acquired by Lutron

Twisthink practiced and proved what it preaches to clients: persistent, process-driven innovation leads to success

Twisthink, an IoT firm with a team of engineers, designers and strategists developed an outdoor wireless lighting control system with a belief that its idea could change the industry. Today, that development and manufacturing team of innovators, incorporated under the banner of TwistHDM, announced that its lighting innovation named “Limelight” has been acquired by Lutron Electronics, the leader in lighting control and automated shading solutions.

Limelight is a connected lighting control system used in outdoor and industrial applications to maximize energy savings, streamline maintenance costs, enhance safety and reduce the total cost of ownership.

“This 10-year journey we have been on, through the development and commercialization of Limelight, is a testament to the process and investment we take our clients through in the process of product innovation,” said Bob Niemiec, Managing Partner of Twisthink and TwistHDM. “Our team has a passion for unlocking value for our clients through the power of the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). This is an exciting time for our organization as we see Lutron, the leading manufacturer of lighting solutions, embrace the value of the Limelight system.”

Limelight will integrate data seamlessly into Lutron’s existing data and management platform, Enterprise Vue. With this seamless integration, Lutron can offer its clients the benefit of managing both interior and exterior facilities from one unified dashboard. From college campuses to municipal locations all Limelight users can experience the convenience of remote control to enhance their outdoor lighting operations.

“Limelight by Lutron was a terrific opportunity to deliver a simplified outdoor lighting solution that was part of a portfolio of indoor and outdoor smart building controls. Acquiring the Limelight system offers the potential for an even wider range of IoT solutions,” said Scott Hanna, Senior Vice President of Lutron. “With this new asset, we look forward to what we can do to fulfill our Number One principle: Take care of our customers with superior goods and services.”

“Through the development and sale of Limelight, we fully understand what it takes to invest in, evolve, and convert innovative ideas into value-added products,” Niemiec said. “Our intent is that by showing manufacturers how we’ve successfully walked the path of innovation, we can come alongside and help them chart a path with greater confidence.”

As Twisthink's Managing Partner, Bob has a passion and gift for connecting with people and harnessing the power of a cross-functional team with not only Twisthink but also our clients. As a team builder and team promoter, he is committed to creativity and creating bold change.

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