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Enhancing algorithms and image sensors in feeding tubes to improve patient safety and care.

Mitigating delayed feeding and expediting the delivery of nutrition to patients.


Feeding tubes inserted incorrectly into the lungs rather than the stomach can result in a punctured lung or even death. This requires getting an x-ray before inserting the feeding tube, which costs the patient more money and time. The x-ray reduces risk but does not completely eliminate the possibility of incorrect placement. Our client had an innovative feeding tube with a camera to solve the challenge, but needed help optimizing their camera technology to improving image quality and overall performance.

Using AI technology to see anatomy in real-time during feeding tube placement.

Work Summary

In the toolbox:

  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Research + Prototyping
  • Computer Vision
  • Algorithm Development
  • Technical Feasibility Assessment

Twisthink assisted our client by testing and enhancing the image quality of the camera used on the end of a small feeding tube. Using image sensors and algorithms, this takes a common, blinded procedure in a new and innovative direction, supporting nurse placement at the bedside.

Our research and development led to:

  • A rapid prototype algorithm improving image quality and color
  • Image sensor updates and configurations enhancing overall sharpness
  • Ability to identify anatomy in real-time during feeding tube placement


This new technology is saving patient lives by significantly reducing the risk of accidentally inserting the feeding tube into the patient’s airway, which could result in a punctured lung or even death. It is also enhancing healthcare by allowing medical professionals to see where they were previously blind. And lastly, it’s reducing patient time and cost by eliminating the need for an x-ray – speeding up the overall process.

Strategy Spotlight:

Researched the industry and technology to determine the market value and technical feasibility of the new solution.

Tech Spotlight:

Reduced image blur and color distortion by configuring and adjusting the sensor and applied algorithms to improve overall image quality.


“This product is truly unique and was built with patient safety in mind.”

– MedTech Leader


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