Global Sleep Company

Strategic innovations turn dreams into reality for a pioneer in sleep technology.

A pioneer in sleep technology sought innovative solutions for its products.


Driven by a mission to enhance sleep, holistic well-being, and overall quality of life, a prominent global sleep company sought to understand user needs and imagine new product possibilities through the integration of smart technology. Recognizing the need for fresh and innovative approaches, the company engaged with Twisthink to gain user insights and generate digital concepts for the future of sleep. With a shared enthusiasm for uncovering cutting-edge technology solutions, the collaboration aimed to ideate and prioritize concepts to support the company’s strategy and market position as a pioneer in sleep technology.

Collaboration and co-creation advanced the strategy process.

Work Summary

In the toolbox:

  • Immersion Workshops
  • Stakeholder Research & Analysis
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Trend Analysis
  • UX Design

Through a dynamic collaborative process, Twisthink engaged in co-creation with the client to develop and prioritize digital solution concepts. Our team immersed ourselves in the industry, conducting extensive research, gathering valuable insights, and distilling key learnings.

Armed with these insights, we advanced into concept development, strategizing various digital solutions to deliver to the customer. Strategy concepts were developed through:

  • Market, industry, and technology research
  • Various stakeholder and SME interviews
  • Tech scouting to explore emerging capabilities within the field
  • Co-creation workshop to engage the client in structured brainstorming
  • Concept refinement to ensure feasibility and viability


Twisthink delivered near-term, actionable value to the customer by creating and visualizing innovative, strategic concepts feasible for execution. Through our collaborative approach and visual storyboarding, we created alignment and facilitated clear and engaging storytelling. Our visuals enabled efficient and effective communication, allowing the customer to present compelling representations of the concepts to their leadership team and secure internal buy-in from executive members.

Strategy Spotlight:

Our team delved deep into the sleep industry, engaging in immersive market research, conducting thorough stakeholder interviews, and exploring various technological advancements. Through this comprehensive process, we successfully pinpointed innovative concepts for the client to pursue.

Concept Exploration:

Recognizing the significant impact of temperature on sleep quality, our team explored the idea of a smart temperature system. This advanced technology would monitor your body temperature throughout the night, ensuring a consistently optimal sleeping environment.

Concept Exploration:

Achieving a restful night’s sleep becomes challenging when external noises disrupt your slumber. To address this, our team ideated and co-created solution opportunities, including a headboard incorporating directional white noise technology to minimize surrounding disturbances.


“Thank you for your invaluable involvement in this project! I love the use of sketching and illustrations – it perfectly captures the desired vision.”


– Twisthink Customer


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