Global Catering Company

A strategic digital roadmap sets the stage for a seamless blend of operational efficiency and enhanced customer experiences for a renowned food service provider.

Eager to infuse innovation into their business framework, the client sought transformative solutions.


With an appetite for innovation, a global catering company was looking for fresh solutions to tackle existing challenges within their current business and service operations. Recognizing the need for transformative changes, the dining and events company worked with Twisthink to create a strategic digital roadmap. The objective was to streamline labor costs while simultaneously laying the foundation for enhanced customer experiences.

Fresh insights are combined with existing knowledge to create new concepts and uncover areas of opportunity.

Work Summary

In the toolbox:

  • Innovation Workshop
  • Stakeholder Research & Analysis
  • Stakeholder & Journey Mapping
  • Trend Analysis
  • "Now, Near, Next" Innovation Roadmap

Our team conducted engaging site visits, insightful stakeholder interviews, and extensive industry research to dive deep into the client’s world. This immersive approach gave us a comprehensive understanding of the client’s existing operational landscape and helped us identify the challenges they were facing.

Then, we analyzed all that information and created service blueprints that served as visual guides, detailing the stakeholders’ experiences. The service blueprint highlighted the common themes, pain points, and opportunities for labor savings and overall enhanced experiences. Ultimately, a strategic roadmap was created through:

  • Five site visits to observe the client’s service models
  • 24 stakeholder interviews, ranging from leadership to temporary staff
  • New user, industry, and technology insights from a variety of external sources
  • Qualitative data to identify, define, and analyze business challenges
  • Three current state service blueprints to depict how these challenges emerge within the business
  • An innovation workshop to engage the client in structured brainstorming to uncover new opportunities viable for further exploration


In just three months, we delivered a detailed innovation roadmap for operational excellence, creating memorable experiences for employees and customers. Through a collaborative approach, we provided a strategic recipe for success, including innovative approaches and recommendations to deliver cost savings, generate new value, and drive market growth.

Strategy Spotlight:

Through immersive site visits and extensive field research, our team discovered crucial insights into the client’s software, processes, brand, and customer experience. This helped us identify internal and external challenges.

Tech Spotlight:

Our team imagined what an AI-powered catering planning and execution software might look like. It would address food waste and proactively communicate with guests for personalized experiences.

Strategy Spotlight:

We presented the idea of a revolutionary software designed to simplify, streamline, and optimize staffing operations. This software would provide cost-effective solutions, making it a game-changer in the industry.


“Twisthink did a great job immersing themselves in our industry and understanding the challenges and areas of opportunity.”


– Twisthink Customer


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