Embracing AI, BISSELL is now developing intelligent, robotic-vacuum technology to carry their tradition of excellence + innovation into the hands-free future.

Infrared optics scan for the most efficient path

The Challenge

Over its 140 years BISSELL has earned a reputation for building products as easy to use as they are powerful and deep-cleaning. As they embarked on their plans for a robotic, hands-free vacuum that met their high standards, BISSELL believed they could bring even more to their customers’ experience by integrating AI, and partnered with Twisthink to discover the best possible AI experience for their new design.

Smart navigation, wifi-capabilities + sleek design = a breakthrough product

Work Summary

In the toolbox:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Stakeholder & Journey Mapping
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Algorithm Development
  • Technical Feasibility Assessment

Twisthink collaborated with the team at BISSELL to understand what users desired most from their robotic vacuum, propelling BISSEL’s technology and intentional product design forward.

Our research led us to:

  • Embed an artificial intelligence (AI) feature to enhance accuracy and improve the user’s experience 
  • Add connectivity + controls capabilities within the robot
  • Design a digital user interface (UI) for managing the robot’s capabilities
  • Develop algorithms used within the UI for a true end-to-end IoT system


The impact

This cloud-connected, AI-enabled robot vacuum, ICONpet™, allows owners to easily schedule cleanings, remotely activate their vacuum, and receive status updates via their mobile app.

Remote tech support, performance + features updates—plus the team’s deep learning about AI and IoT—build on BISSELL’s legacy of excellence and innovation.

Design Spotlight:

The LED status display delivers scrolling message prompts and status updates. A differentiator for BISSELL, this rich + intuitive on-robot UI showcases the robot’s intelligence at a glance.

Tech Spotlight:

Rapid prototyping in simulated environments created, DIGITALVISION™, an algorithm that uses infrared optics to determine the most efficient paths, maximize cleaning + avoid obstacles.

Tech Spotlight:

By connecting with the cloud, owners can monitor and control cleaning on their mobile app. Over-The-Air (OTA) programming allows for remote feature upgrades and tech support.

Tech Spotlight:

From controlling motors and memory banks, to power consumption and charging, our end-to-end engineers went beyond to ensure that even minor functions were optimized for success.


“Twisthink was able to take fuzzy inputs and work with us to make sense of them. We’ve gained new tech competencies that have enhanced our core team, better preparing us for the future.”

– Matt Ebrom

Director of Electronic Systems Engineering at BISSELL


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