A newly designed hospital mattress maximizes comfort, improves clinical outcomes and redefines the hospital experience for patients and caregivers.

The hourglass shape on the mattress strategically mimics the foam crib


Innovators in the medical technology space, Stryker was familiar with how ICU patients with plenary infections are assisted by ventilation machines that help with pulmonary conditions, and how these long immobilizations lead to complications like ulcers. Stryker sought a solution to help ICU nurses care and treat patients, while improving patient comfort and preventing pressure ulcers.

An air circulation and support system that prevents pressure ulcers

Work Summary

In the toolbox:

  • Stakeholder Research & Analysis
  • Product Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design

Stryker’s deep knowledge of the conditions in ICUs led us to test our theories around relieving pressure, improving the materials that hospital beds use, and connecting health care providers with data that would help them improve care and outcomes.

Our connected, human-centered mattress design would include:


  • Materials design that allowed for air flow, temperature control, and pressure relief
  • Real-time patient data sensed by the mattress and available for caregiver review
  • A control panel for easy adjustments that worked seamlessly within ICU protocols


Isolibrium’s smart system achieves maximum performance for each specific patient, eliminating guess-work for caregivers. Its four-zone sensor technology maximizes pressure redistribution with low air-loss, while the intuitive touch screen interface, backsmart turn assist and full rotation therapy gives caregivers better tools in the ICU. The project was recognized by Medical Design Excellence Awards in 2014.

Tech Spotlight:

A complex algorithm of hundreds of pressure maps from a wide range of body types informs the four-zone pressure relief system.

Design Spotlight:

The mattress design allows air flow from the bottom of the mattress and repels moisture to keep the skin cool and dry.

Design Spotlight:
The mattress cover includes instructions and a key to help caregivers navigate the features in a fast-paced environment, with controls built into the frame.


“The theory we started out with has become a reality because you were able to execute the vision of people with your technical brilliance and focus.”

– Mani Seshadrinathan

Product Manager at Stryker


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