A Powerful Way to Close the Talent Resource Gap

I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling over the past six weeks, meeting with clients, prospects, partners and industry leaders. Through my conversations, I’m hearing a common challenge weighing heavy on the minds of many business leaders: Talent. Or perhaps more accurately, the lack thereof. One leader I spoke to has an approved budget to hire the expertise needed, but can’t seem to find the right mix of engineering expertise and creative-thinking. Another executive is in the midst of a tremendous growth period, but can’t seem to find someone with experience in an emerging technology field to help his company build a sustainable foundation.

These situations are not uncommon, especially when it comes to engineering. In a study we released last year, C-suite leaders reported that the two biggest concerns were their ability to keep up with rapid technological advancements (47 percent) and to allocate proper talent to drive innovation (49 percent). Yet very few look externally to add expertise, talent and resources. In fact, only 30 percent took advantage of a strategic partnership with others in the industry.

When it comes to filling the talent resource gap, time is of the essence. Instead of risking a delayed project, hiring the wrong person or sitting on extra budget, many of our clients have begun to build a portfolio of partners that they can leverage at any time to fill their needs. Specifically, many have turned to Twisthink to provide the experience, technical expertise and creativity required to build and scale as needs fluctuate.

Working with an outside firm’s existing expertise to fill resource gaps has some distinct advantages:

– Our clients have told us that working with Twisthink gives them access to a complete cross-functional team of hardware, software, firmware and machine learning experts who have experience with new and emerging technologies. We are able to fill multiple functions quickly and with the right experience using our team’s capabilities in embedded systems, vision systems, connectivity and UI.

– We work on hundreds of projects each year in a variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, consumer products and many more. With this kind of experience, we can offer your organization invaluable speed and agility. We understand that you need a partner that already knows the technology, and can quickly integrate to your whole system.

– We’re able to plug into systems quickly, identify the problems, and efficiently develop a solution that will work best for your company and stakeholders’ needs while tapping into your exiting team’s “tribal knowledge.” We also execute with agility, precision, excellence, and an overall lower total cost of ownership.

– External partners are built to be flexible, giving you the option to turn the support on or off to match your needs. When you build your team by hiring additional employees, you need to keep their project load full at all times to justify their salary. However, with Twisthink, you can engage only when needed.

If your organization is struggling with a similar talent resource gap, toss that stack of unqualified resumes and partner with an outside, strategic partner who can not only help you execute quickly with the right expertise, but also grow and evolve alongside you as your needs change.

As Twisthink's Managing Partner, Bob has a passion and gift for connecting with people and harnessing the power of a cross-functional team with not only Twisthink but also our clients. As a team builder and team promoter, he is committed to creativity and creating bold change.

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