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AI Opportunity Assessment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just a buzzword; it’s a transformative force reshaping product innovation and enhanced operations. It has immense potential to deliver value through insights and automation; though its limitless potential can seem overwhelming to many. 

Amid the complexity and hype surrounding AI, our AI Opportunity Assessment provides clarity and guidance, helping you identify the right AI solutions that align with your business goals and can effectively address specific challenges.

AI reveals valuable insights at your fingertips.

Navigate complexity with confidence.

The AI landscape has evolved significantly, with remarkable breakthroughs making AI more accessible than ever before. We now have the technology and data at our fingertips, but with this accessibility comes complexity and a flood of hype. It’s no wonder that business leaders are left wondering where to begin and how to apply AI effectively within their organizations. The key challenge is understanding which type of AI to use and where it fits into your specific business needs.

Our process.

We’re here to help you cut through the complexity and uncertainty by helping your organization identify opportunities for AI applications within your products or operations. Our 5-step process will guide you towards tailored recommendations that align AI’s potential with your unique business challenges:


Project Launch

Discuss project scope and desired goals to establish clarity on focus and define key stakeholders.


Stakeholder Research

Conduct internal research to gain a deep understanding of the needs, challenges, and the data available.


AI Benchmarking

Research AI implementations in your industry and adjacent industries to gain inspiration for AI possibilities.


Identify Opportunities

Identify opportunities for your business to use traditional AI and/or generative AI to accomplish your goals and solve customer needs.


Rank Opportunities

Rank opportunities based on what will have the biggest impact on your needs and goals.

the power
of AI.

Embrace the power of AI with confidence and clarity. Let us help you unlock the untapped potential within your business through our AI Opportunity Assessment. Together, we’ll embark on a journey that harnesses the true value of AI to drive your business forward.

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“Incorporating AI into our organization isn’t just a choice. It’s a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and staying ahead in the digital age.”

– Lauren Seymour

Director of Strategy and UX Twisthink


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