The missing piece from your digital transformation: Purpose Built Devices

A purpose-built IoT device is the key to your digital strategy.

Purpose-built IoT devices are capable of generating and retrieving data from your physical equipment that were previously never accessible. Purpose-built devices are capable of retrieving information from almost any piece of hardware or physical device. We’re talking hand pumps, conveyor belts, garage lights, vacuums and even floor mats.

These custom devices directly integrate with your digital infrastructure to unlock new refined user experiences and business model innovation.

Digital transformation starts with insights

What piece of information, if you had it, would transform your business and kickstart your digital transformation journey? Take action on information from your devices in real-time, regardless of location and cellular connectivity.


A new piece of information, belt cleaner status, enabled Flexco to extend their belt life, significantly reduce down-time, and improve the productivity of their operators.



Charity: Water

A hand pump in Africa, equipped with an AI enabled purpose-built sensor to detect water pump status in real-time, enabled the local community to extend the life of their hand pumps, and allow charity: water to tie water usage back to original donations.


Every IoT Project is Fraught with Challenges

Lengthy development
(24+ months)

The typical development cycle for IoT platforms are at least 24 months long. Most custom projects are re-inventing the wheel every time, resulting in loss of quality and extended timelines. 

Unreliable & Unproven Technology

There are thousands of software and hardware components that can be used to create a single, purpose-built device. However, the operation of these components, when combined, are unreliable.

Inability to Scale

Traditional purpose-built IoT devices are costly to re-produce, have high operations cost, resulting in a company’s inability to scale the number of devices across the organization.

Auris Gets You Scalability, Reliability, and Customizability From the Start

For the past 19 years, we’ve helped clients build new innovative products through customized hardware and software that’s designed specific to their customers, and their business. Through years of research, dedication, prototyping, and testing, we created “Auris” to help our customers build what they want, faster, while increasing confidence and the ability to scale.





The Twisthink Auris platform is built with proven assets and processes that enables businesses to:

Get to market faster

Don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel. Auris reduces development timelines by up to 40% by re-using the core assets of the platform and enabling customers to build their exact device in a significantly shorter development timeframe.

Reduce risk with a solid foundation

We took out all of the associated risk of a custom developed IoT device and built a foundation of strong components of hardware, software and firmware.

Scale your devices economically

Optimized for minimum cloud OPEX for large scale deployments, Our Auris Platform allows you to scale your custom devices without all the high development, hardware, software, cloud, and cellular connectivity costs.

Build a device built personally for your customers

Your end-result is a device that is made for your customer’s exact needs. Never cookie-cutter and built with a strong foundation to get you a product that is desired by your end users, and aligned to your specific business needs.

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Great things come in small packages

The Auris hardware is smaller than your credit card and is the foundation of your custom-built IoT solution, made-for-your-business. In addition to the small size of the platform, it comes with pre-configured hardware and software modules, and processes that make the development of your custom-built device seamless. Out of the box you get AI processing capabilities (Edge), cloud integration and security-built in.

Start your custom IoT project with Auris

Find a time to meet with Twisthink’s Managing Director of Design and Technology, Paul Duckworth, to see a demo of Auris in action: